Can you retrieve data from iPhone with water damage?

October 3, 2019

Yes, of course you can!

When an iPhone comes into contact with water, it is usually best to open it up and get it dried as soon as possible. This gives us a much better chance at recovering your data. Sometimes all the phone may need is a screen, chargeport, or even a battery. These parts we stock, and we can have you up and running in no time!

In some cases, when water is sat for hours and hours, corrosion starts to form – this is where shorts occur and the surface mount components (Mosfets, Capacitors, etc) start to become corroded/damaged. Shorts can occur in different places depending on where the water entered – if it is on the main power line, then this will stop the phone from turning on regardless of the amount of new parts that you throw at it. This short will need to be cleared before the phone will even attempt to power on.

water damaged iphone board 1 f

Here at Rossmann Repair we have dedicated board technicians who are able to diagnose & clear these types of problems to recover your data from your water damaged device. Whether it be a board fault, or a simple part replacement, we can do this for you.

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