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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
How supplier relations work. Success & failure is based on how you source your parts.

Good supplier relations help create success. Early on, I wasn't working with a lot of money, nor with a known reputation. Sure, I had a reputation from repairing studio gear, but that doesn't translate over into what I was trying to do in this business. What gave me my competitive edge early on were my […]

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Will the Chinese keyboard feel the same as the original?

We received this question from Youtube, and I figured I'd share with the audience. I've been watching your video on the a1466 keyboard replacement debating on whether i need to replace it so I decided to ask you directly. I broke my tab key as in i broke the metal clip that holds the plastic […]

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Criticism of Verizon FIOS deployment in New York City, my thoughts.

There's been a lot of criticism of FIOS in Austin as they have not fulfilled their obligations to wire the entire city. The only way to get a franchise agreement, was to agree to wire just about all of the city. They certainly knew this was impossible, but what many pundits do not understand is […]

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The importance of having a target demographic.

Target demographics.   You're used to hearing this, I'm sure, in many introductions to marketing & advertising. What is the average sex, race, age, etc, of my targer audience? People in the repair community ignore this, because, frankly – it DOES NOT apply to us! People are not choosing to buy Proliant servers instead of […]

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Scared of insurance? Never!

I posted this to eTech Parts' facebook page a while back. Editing it slightly for the blog. People think that insurance is competition for independent repair shops. Some customers will discuss how they can just use insurance, but more often, lately, I speak to mobile phone repair shops that actually feel threatened by insurance. Your […]

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One of the reasons Yelp! sucks

A large reason Yelp! sucks, IMO, is that people are often rating products or services from an ignorant point of view. Take this example below. I'm fairly certain the person writing this has no experience in this industry. So they have no idea that the best cellphone motherboard component level repair shops in New York […]

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The Nexus 7 - or another reason I love to bash Apple products.

I fucked up this Nexus 7 that I just bought. Dropped it into a sink full of water. No more power button. 🙁 I was dreading opening this. I don't have a Hakko at home, any prytools.. but wait. This ISN'T some overpriced, nonsensically put together Apple piece of crap! There may be ANOTHER WAY. […]

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How we set our labor rates - what our time is worth.

  Today I'd like to talk about how to set labor rates.   This sees to be incredibly polarized – older technicians often do not mind charging whatever they can get, whereas younger technicians price jobs based on how easy the job is to them. I will have to plead guilty to the former for […]

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Stop suing review sites and work on your business.

It's obvious for anyone who follows my posts that I am not a fan of Yelp! "elite" culture. I don't subscribe to the idea of armchair connoisseurs who self-appoint themselves to the position of judge, jury, & executioner of local businesses. At the same time, my heart pumps piss for crybabies who blame online reviews […]

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