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Red light coming out of Macbook your headphone jack? We'll fix it!

We'll replace your Unibody Macbook Pro's headphone jack if you broke your headphones off in it, or if you damaged the switch. Same day service if we're not crazy busy, too.   https://www.rossmanngroup.com/shop/macbook-pro-13-2009-model-a1278/unibody-macbook-pro-headphoneaudio-jack-repair/   Yeah, it aint cheap. Then again, everyone else is telling you to replace the board and charging $375+, and this is […]

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Macbook Pro A1211 no backlight logic board fix

This computer had no backlight with the inverter, inverter cable, or screen replaced. I didn't want to keep the customer hanging so I stole it off this dead board I have. The dead board in my junk collection is an unfixable piece of crap, but has a working backlight circuit when it turns on, for […]

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Macbook Logic Board Repair - Repairability on its way up with newer models!

When people spill water on their laptop, it is often in the corner. People put the drink to the left or right of their machine - often the left, so they can type/use the trackpad with their right. A majority of the people in the world are righties. So when the drink spills, it is […]

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