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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
Tired of coming here? Buy a more durable machine!

We're often asked, as a store called Mac Laptop Repair Specialist, why do we have Lenovo laptops in the window? Why do we have Lenovo computers as shipping stations, cash registers? Why does the owner have a Thinkpad T520 as a personal laptop? I've always been a function over form kind of guy. I want […]

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Apple raiding small shops that do repairs. Attention: WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REPAIR YOUR GARBAGE.

I would highly suggest anyone reading this seriously consider writing their local politican to tell them how fucked up it is that Apple is using federal law enforcement as their personal mafia. If you've ever dropped a phone and had it fixed for $120 less than Apple's quote while keeping your data, this is an […]

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Red light coming out of Macbook your headphone jack? We'll fix it!

We'll replace your Unibody Macbook Pro's headphone jack if you broke your headphones off in it, or if you damaged the switch. Same day service if we're not crazy busy, too.   Yeah, it aint cheap. Then again, everyone else is telling you to replace the board and charging $375+, and this is […]

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A1369 13.3" Macbook Air Screen repair now available!

Check it out.    

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Our Brooklyn store is closed. Check us out in Manhattan!

Dear Brooklyn, WE TRIED! I told you it'd be $60 to fix your iPhone 4S, and you looked at me and said - SIXTY DOLLARS?! I told you it'd cost $40 to remove the virus & cleanup your computer, and you looked at me and said FORTY DOLLARS?! I told you it'd cost $90 to […]

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iPhone 4S & 4 screen repair, just $65 (plus tax).

Yes, we will fix your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4's cracked screen, often in 10-20 minutes, for $65. Choose any color you want from red to gold for an extra $15. Warranty is one year, unless you break it yourself, and the LCD inside the assembly is the same retina LCD Apple has Sharp, Toshiba, […]

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Have your data - no, I insist! How proper intake procedures keep those years on your life.

One of the most important things about running a repair shop of any kind is the input system. How you handle devices that come in can directly effect your stress level later in the process. The longer a device sits in your shop, the more important an accurate intake system is, because the longer a […]

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While you wait for your repair, hadouken!

Last year, the PlayStation was stolen by a customer from the lobby of our old shop. We've obtained another one, and are keeping better tabs on it! Not a PS3, not an XBOX 360, a PS2 - a 12 year old game console. Yeah, what kind of crackhead steals that? Ah well. No waiting on […]

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