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How to buy a hot air station for laptop & cellphone repair.

How do you make a choice? Why do hot air stations range from $50 to $1800 and what makes them different? How do I pick the right one for me? I've bought the wrong equipment and I use these tools every day in a professional environment. I will walk you through EVERYTHING I wish I knew […]

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Tired of coming here? Buy a more durable machine!

We're often asked, as a store called Mac Laptop Repair Specialist, why do we have Lenovo laptops in the window? Why do we have Lenovo computers as shipping stations, cash registers? Why does the owner have a Thinkpad T520 as a personal laptop? I've always been a function over form kind of guy. I want […]

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Macbook Pro falls asleep, GPU issue, to bake motherboard or no?

Kris asked me on youtube about baking a motherboard to make it work again. I get this question a lot, so I decided to share with the rest of the class. I was wondering if you could offer me some words of advice. I own a - somewhat old by now - macbook pro 2007. […]

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Glass? LCD? What do you mean, it's all just a screen to me...

You'll often hear us ask you which is broken - the glass, the LCD, or both. For iPad, iPhones, Macbooks.. let me explain how this works. On the iPad and iPhone. The iPad has a glass touchscreen that you touch. This is the part that is exposed, and most often breaks. The iPad has an […]

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The Nexus 7 - or another reason I love to bash Apple products.

I fucked up this Nexus 7 that I just bought. Dropped it into a sink full of water. No more power button. 🙁 I was dreading opening this. I don't have a Hakko at home, any prytools.. but wait. This ISN'T some overpriced, nonsensically put together Apple piece of crap! There may be ANOTHER WAY. […]

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Data recovery, corrupted OSX repair, if your Mac won't boot.

This article is for moderate to savvy users. It is not a precise, step by step guide. My goal is to point people who have some computer know how in the right direction. I will not be going into detail with each particular step. If you are somewhat computer savvy, but just need somewhere to […]

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Who misses inverter boards?

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=478462465550511&set=a.304914029572023.74409.304851226244970&type=1&relevant_count=1   Missing pads from liquid spills make QFNs miserable. Screw LP8543SQ , who misses inverter boards?! 🙁

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Dell Screen Repair - why it's a pain in the ass(but we'll do it for you anyway)

Let's take the Studio 1458 as an example. It comes with an LP140WH1(TL)(A1). Good luck getting a B140XW01 V.6 or CLAA140WB11A to work in there, even though they are electrically compatible. Having to copy the EDID code off the old panel so you don't get eight beeps indicating panel failure on startup is really lame.

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