iPad Repair NYC

Broken iPad screen?

This is the most common issue. The iPad has an incredibly delicate glass screen, which cracks very easily. We can repair them in as little as a couple of hours depending on business volume – just walk on in!

Some things that set aside our screen replacement service is that we do not use thinner glass. Knockoff glass cracks easier, and knockoff digitizers do not respond to touch properly. The digitizer is the part of the glass that turns your touch into a digital signal that the iPad can understand & interpret.

While it may be 1 in every few hundred good digitizers that does not respond to touch, it’s 1 in every dozen knockoff digitizers that have touch issues. It is very common for $12 digitizers from eBay to get installed which work until your 3 month warranty is up, at which point you’re screwed. We use quality parts which give us the confidence necessary to offer a **one year limited warranty.


  • iPad 2 $119 + tax for glass: $200 + tax for glass + LCD
  • iPad 3 $119 + tax for glass: $200 + tax for glass + LCD
  • iPad 4 $150 + tax for glass: $200 + tax for glass + LCD
  • iPad mini – $129 + tax for glass: $200 + tax for glass + LCD
  • iPad Air – $169 + tax for glass: $269 + tax for glass + LCD

Top Reasons To Have Us Repair Your Broken iPad Screen


The Rossmann Group

  • We use new, quality parts.
  • We fix it while you wait.
  • Our pricing is fair.

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