We provide iPhone 4S LCD Screen Repair & iPhone 4 LCD Screen Repair for $90 + tax. A few things that set us apart are as follows.

  • We go through painstaking effort to retain your proximity sensor.
  • We use assemblies with the original Sharp & LG LCD.

Thicker LCDs require thinner adhesive be used between the digitizer(touchscreen) and the LCD(makes the picture). This means that the digitizer is closer to the LCD. As a result, it can touch the LCD and cause pressure points, which are the funny splurges of colors you see when you press down on an LCD screen.

  • Screws. Every last screw is kept. We are self proclaimed perfectionists that will replace any lost piece with one of our own.
  • 1 year warranty. Unless it physically breaks again, we welcome you to come back and have the part replaced at no charge.
  • Full testing. We test both cameras, speaker, earpiece, both microphones, and signal strength before & after repair to ensure we did a perfect job.
  • Visibility. Unless you are blatantly twitching at the seams with paranoia, you are welcome to watch the entire operation right next to the technician.

Come on in and see why so many choose to have their broken iPhones fixed here. If you’re cheap, you can actually get a coupon off of Yelp at the moment(limited time offer) that makes our service cheaper than Chinatown.