I posted this to that 2011 MBP GPU issue facebook page. I figured it was worth a repost here.

Another thing to set straight. Do any of you guys going on and on about how this is “improperly soldered” because it uses lead free solder realize that NO ONE USES LEADED SOLDER ANYMORE?

There are no major laptop manufacturers that use leaded solder.


My Thinkpad T520’s NVIDIA Quadro can MINE LITECOIN using CUDA for months. It’s fine. I bought it in 2011, it is still alive, editing trolling youtube videos using GPU accelerated video decoding, and rendering & anti aliasing PDFs in 4K, with its BEAUTIFUL LEAD FREE SOLDER BALLS from its original manufacturing date in March, 2011.

Hundreds of thousands of laptops out there work and don’t die like these, all using lead free solder. The CPU on this same laptop uses lead free solder.

Do I choose lead free solder for my own rework? No, it’s a pain in the ass to work with. Is a GPU IMPROPERLY soldered because it’s lead free? F no…. clearly not since hundreds of thousands of other laptops work JUST FINE with lead free solder.

It’s a shitty chip inside a crappily cooled design. Therefore, it dies. Leaded or not. the blame does not lie with elements, it does not lie with RoHS. Keep the blame where it belongs – WITH APPLE!

If lawyers actually go to court with this asinine, silly, bullshit myth of lead free solder balls causing these issues: Apple will wipe the floor with them. And there goes ANY of your chances of getting your money back, or your shit fixed for free.

Encourage people to read and learn what is actually causing this. Stop spreading misinformation. Don’t be a part of why Apple is going to wipe the floor with these misinformed attorneys as they walk into the courtroom blaming an element when they should be blaming a fruit.