One of the reasons Yelp! sucks

November 12, 2013

A large reason Yelp! sucks, IMO, is that people are often rating products or services from an ignorant point of view. Take this example below.

I'm fairly certain the person writing this has no experience in this industry. So they have no idea that the best cellphone motherboard component level repair shops in New York have absolutely no ESD safe workstations. The best reverse logistics providers could care less about ESD. Something tells me this person hasn't worked on even3 devices, much less 300, or 4000, or 6000 - enough to have a clue what the practical ramifications of ESD really are, or what they are not.

Is ESD something worth discussing? Absolutely. I'm not trying to go on some "EST doesn't exist" rant. I'm staying focused here, on a "quit criticizing people for shit you know nothing about" rant. A "think for yourself outside what the yellow sticker on your package says" rant. Think for a second about this. Maybe, just maybe, these people who've been doing this for years before you ever met them know something you don't?

No. Of course not.

I'm tired of hearing people give advice on that which they lack personal experience of. I'm tired of dealing with people who tell you what's best for you when they don't know what's best for them. I'm tired of reading uninformed opinions from a judgmental perspective. And, of course, as always - I'm tired of Yelp! 🙂

If you care as much about this guy's complaint as you do about ESD, like this post. 🙂

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