I posted a few times in the second thread.

When you Google a product, you may use Google shopping. Next to products, are links to reviews.

What makes an extortion based business model?

a) You cannot respond to reviews without paying to be a merchant member. Unlike Google Places, Yelp, and other reputable sites, you have to pay just to reply to false and half true reviews.

b) What you pay to be a merchant member depends on what they perceive your revenue to be. The more you make, the more you have to pay for the same service.

Apparently Home Depot pays over $7000/mo to respond to reviews that I could pay $99 to, just because “they make more.”

My personal opinion; it’s disgusting. It is perfectly legal and I support their right to run their business. I also find it disgusting. They take advantage of the fact that Google & Bing use them to extort money out of small businesses so they can reply to reviews left on the site. How much you pay depends on how much you make.


When asked about cancelling a trial subscription as a merchant member, we were told we never used the exit survey feature – this is where they help set up your website to request customers leave a review a week or two after the sale. I stated this is something we would never pay $100/mo for, because anyone with some PHP knowledge can setup a zencart or magento store to email customers asking them to leave a review. This is where the juicy part comes in – they threaten us by saying we are not allowed to solicit reviews without paying them!

In their twisted world, you must pay them $100-$1500/mo for the right to ask a customer to leave a review. to be clear, they do not ban you from bribing customers to leave reviews, or from leaving false reviews. We agree that this is a frighteningly dishonest practice. They are saying that simply asking a customer of ours to leave an independent review is wrong, if we do not pay them.

Think twice before using to choose whether or not you will use an online merchant. They are the online trust mafia. Use Google and independent forums, and your own gut to decide whether you will buy from a merchant. We say this with as a merchant with an excellent, near 9 star rating on resellerratings – we have no vendetta against them due to negative press. If anything, a potential customer using resellerratings may choose to use us over another vendor with a lower rating because of the site. In spite of this, we still would urge you to look elsewhere for your information. Every user who makes a decision based on their website’s information is feeding into their ability to extort money out of vendors using below below board tactics.