Apple replaces the screen to the iPhone 6 for $109.

There is a lot of talk in the iDevice repair industry on whether it is ethical or not to take a phone from the customer, then bring it to Apple and have them fix it, while taking a middleman fee of $50 to $100. In a private repair forum I am on, the discussion continues. Here is my opinion – copied and pasted from my post. What are your thoughts?

This is absolutely bottomfeeding shit and will come back to you in a bad way. This is only acceptable if you tell the customer in advance that Apple offers $109 repair to consumers. 

I'm not discouraging being a middleman in every transaction. Sometim
es it is appropriate to be a middleman. B2B companies do not wish to deal with end consumers, so they offer discounts to "outlets" that then offer their services to consumers. Assetgenie is a great example - they offer motherboard component level repair to businesses, but do not deal with joe blow who wants his laptop fixed. It's one thing if you have a special deal through a B2B wholesale company that won't deal with the consumer. By all means, milk that relationship. 

However, Apple stores ARE the consumer outlet! They are offering this $109 repair and are set up, targeted, and INTENDED to deal with the end consumer. If you are literally dealing with the company that MADE the device, on a CONSUMER level, and just adding a $70 fee on top of it and you know the end customer is only using you out of ignorance, that is BS.

I always preach to focus on sustainable endeavors you can carry over to other fields. Ripping people off by giving them manufacturer service with a fee added on top is not something you can transfer to another field. The more time you spend doing shit like this, the less time you can spend adding value to your own skillset, and the worse off life will be for you years from now when you need to move onto the "next thing." 

This kind of crap is precisely WHY consumers do not trust technicians, mechanics, doctors, and lawyers. You are only adding to it if you carry on this BS.