I posted this in response to another question on the internet a while back. I figured it was worth a repost on the company blog.

a) There are no fault indications to tell whether a digitier is bad. just get the customer’s password so you can make sure there is touch everywhere.

b) Make sure they know that you will be absolutely SODOMIZING any corner that is dented in. Don’t say anything other than sodomize, or else you open yourself up to “but I didn’t know it was going to look like THIS!!!!”, and bitching when it comes time to pay. Even if it is barely dented, make sure they get that the frame is going to be beaten to shit to make the new digitizer fit in.

c) Beat the frame to shit to make the digitizer fit in. Never try to pop it in around a fucked up frame. This makes it more likely to lift, crack, and fuck up later. It has to sit flat, with no pressure on it.

d) If they really are not going to have a corner when you are done(some get dropped off balconies and are really fucked), tell them to buy a case to protect the corners.

e) Don’t buy cheap shit digitizers. They have phantom touch where it moves on its own, and it won’t appear instantly. It’ll appear a month or two after you fix it and you have to come back. Buy from Jack Telecom, and buy nothing but their highest quality product. Any copy or knockoff crap is going to work like copy or knockoff crap. Don’t be a cheapskate.

f) Don’t buy eBay digitizers. Don’t buy eBay iPad/iPhone/Macbook parts in general. Parts from eBay suck balls.

g) Use good 3M adhesive to hold it down. You don’t want them coming back in a week saying it’s popping up, or even worse, blaming your popping up digitizer/shitty adhesive when they break it again. This stuff is good. Buy 5mm and use two or three strips worth. Thinner is better, it is easier to double or triple up on 5mm tape than it is to cut down 15mm tape. This stuff is good because it comes off evenly when you want to repair it again after they fuck it up again, and it sticks permanently. It won’t pop off. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251507591911?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&var=550418703012&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

h) Don’t tape over the wifi/3g antenna on the iPad 2. That is a dick move for the next technician. There is no need to put adheisve over the antenna, it will be just fine and stick down without you doing that. They will break it again, and the next time you fix it, you don’t want to be dealing with removing the glass without ripping the antenna.

i) Don’t rip the antenna, power button flex, or volume flex. Apple has a hard on for having flex cables inbetween the ipad case, the adhesive holding the glass to the case, and the glass. It’s a sick joke intended to piss off repair technicians, but you aren’t going to rip it. By not ripping the flex cables we do not allow Apple to win.

j) Test the power button and volume buttons before you work on the iPad so you can tell people to go fuck themselves when they blame you if their buttons don’t work a week later. It’s common for customers to accuse you of breaking these. These buttons are all made like dogshit on Apple products. While the A & B button on a $100 gameboy from 1996 still work, the flex buttons on a $700 Apple product last about six months before they die. That is WHY there is an entire business based around carpetbagging “technicians” replacing power and volume buttons on these things; they suck THAT bad.

k) Have volume & power flexes as well as 3g & wifi antennas in stock for when you DO rip the cables. They cost under $10 each for good ones. There is no excuse to not have these if you make a living working on this shit. There is no excuse to keep people waiting an extra week because you don’t have some $5 cable outside of you being a cheapskate douche of a business owner.

l) Do not stock volume, power, 3g, or wifi flex cables from eBay. eBay parts suck. Refer to point F.

m) Get a good spudger to get under the glass. Get a GOOD one.





The one on the left is good, the one on the right is garbage.

n) Cover your table in paper towels. If your fucking eyelash so much as falls on the metal back of an iPad 2, IT WILL GET SCRATCHED and it will be BLATANT. Most iPads coming into your shop will be so fucked up that no one will ever notice or care even if you stab it for fun; but you will occsionally encounter someone who has kept their iPad in a little bubble, never using it from 2011-2014, who expects to receive it back in that condition. Get some decent paper towels, put them on the table, double up on them and don’t let the glass you’re picking out of the iPad get in these paper towels, or under the iPad, as it will scratch the iPad.

o) Hold the iPad the way YOU want to hold it while fixing it. Fuck lying it flat on a table. If you need to pick it up, tilt it, or whatever to get the spudger in at the right angle to get it in there and get the glass out, DO IT! You need to be comfortable first; not the iPad. I see so many people doing this laying it on the table and reaching over the table to get in at the angle they want. Fuck the iPad’s comfort – worry about YOURS!

p) Heat the spudger and it will go under the glass easier.

q) If you heat the spudger, don’t let it touch the bezel.

r) Sharpen the tip of the spudger every now and then so it gets under the glass easier.

s) Don’t fuck anything up.

Happy fixing!