The Nexus 7 - or another reason I love to bash Apple products.

September 29, 2013

I fucked up this Nexus 7 that I just bought. Dropped it into a sink full of water. No more power button. 🙁

I was dreading opening this. I don't have a Hakko at home, any prytools.. but wait. This ISN'T some overpriced, nonsensically put together Apple piece of crap! There may be ANOTHER WAY.
I am so used to working on iJunk all day that it never occurred to me that they actually make these parts user accessible.

You mean I can pry off the back with my nails in 20 seconds? You mean I DON'T need specialized tools to remove glass that is glued to the power button & antenna? AND this shit costs less money than an iPad?

I got rid of some crap on the power flex and it was back to working in under one minute.

Yeah, can't say I'm getting off the ASUS/Lenovo/Linux/Android bandwagon for a while. Three cheers to ASUS for making something user serviceable instead of a pile of glue and ripped flex cables.

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