I find it ironic that I am writing this post on a day that some douche who told a tech “fuck you” wanted to “speak to the manager” after a staff member said we were out of iPhone 4S batteries. The tech said that we would get them in tomorrow, which the douche customer replied to with “fuck you.” Maybe he expected that I manufacture the cells & wrap them in a black plastic and stamp an Apple logo on it while serving it to him on a platter. Anyway: BACK TO THE POINT. ­čÖé

For the most part, I believe in parts stocking. Before advertising, staff, or a workspace, the first place I invested my money was parts. On average, at any given level I’ve been at with my business, I’ve been ahead of the curve stocking all sorts of odds and ends I needed to provide my customers with instant turnaround, and if you’re starting your own repair business, you should too. Stock parts. Stocking parts means instant turnaround. Stocking parts means less lying when you fuck something up and need to fix it on the sly to avoid an angry customer. Stock parts and the superiority of your service to others will speak for itself and make up for what you took from your marketing budget to purchase stock for your business.

It worked for us.