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ASUS can suck it

January 20, 2014

I’m going to start copying and pasting generic shit to every customer who emails me just like ASUS.
RicardoHello Louis Rossmann, thank you for contacting ASUS support. Please give me a few moments to review your information. I will be with you shortly.
How may I assist you today?
Louis Rossmann I have an RMA # USG7411290 for a Nexus 7 tablet, it arrived at the service center last Monday
When will it be finished?
RicardoI will be more than happy, to do a check on this for you; one moment please.
Thank you for your patience. Your tablet is currently in repairs as of 2014/01/15 and they are working on it.
The average turnaround time for service is 5-7 business days in house.
This does not include shipping and other exceptions. Also, please note that this does not apply if physical damage is found or the unit is out of warranty.
The exceptions include but are not limited to; a part shortage on the unit, out of warranty related issues, or delays due to a natural disaster.
This does not include weekends, only Monday to Friday.
Louis Rossmann You just copied and pasted that from somewhere
It has been seven days now, so can you answer my question?
It’s been a week and I haven’t received one phone call or email acknowledging that ASUS has received it.
RicardoLouis that is the only update i am seeing in our system at this time. It is in repairs as of that date and you are still in the TAT time frame.
I do apologize for any inconvenience caused at this time and delay.

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