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Contact our repair technicians to learn about services we offer including MacBook repair, data recovery, board repair support, selling individual parts and tools, and more.

Outside Austin? Mail it in!

While our physical location is in Austin, you can always mail in your Mac, iPhone, or iPad for repairs.
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Data Recovery Services

Lost data? Don't sweat it. We can easily recover data from hard drives, SD cards, cellphones, and more.
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Board Repair Support

We offer support from experienced technicians who can answer your questions about MacBook boards. 
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We Sell Parts and Tools

Our team only stocks the best products and essential tools you need to complete your repairs. Only buy from the experts!
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Give us a call or fill out the form below to get a fast price estimate on a fix for your device.  If you are not local, we also offer a very streamlined Mail-In Service which makes it very easy to work with us from anywhere in the country.
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Our Award-Winning Apple Repair Services

Check out the premier services by Rossmann Repair Group located in Austin. We repair and recover your Apple products including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more!

iPhone/iPad Data Recovery

When you bring your iPhone or iPad in for data recovery, we'll recover your data at an affordable rate. If we can't recover the data, you'll only pay our $25 reassembly fee. Outside of Austin? That's not a problem. You can also mail in your phone for data recovery.
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iPhone Screen Repair

We stopped doing iPhone screen repairs recently - when we started doing this, Apple charged $299 for an out of warranty replacement, took a week, and didn't give your data. Now, Apple fixes it while you wait. At the same time, the consistency in quality of parts we can get is just not the same as it was when we started. As a result, we no longer offer iPhone Screen repairs. Apple's IRP program offers OEM screens, but it is designed from the ground up to be as hostile to independents as possible: see As a result, we no longer offer iPhone screen repair.
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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Entrust your hard drive data recovery to our team. Bring in your laptop hard drive, external hard drive, or SD cards to our physical location or send it to us in the mail! Whether you require a simple recovery or a dire clean room, lab environment, we have the expertise to recover your data.
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Mac Laptop Repair

When you bring your MacBook in for repair, we'll provide a free diagnostic estimate, including a time frame and the approximate cost. Typically, we see spill damage, trackpads not working, cracked screens, or a bad logic board. Our shop runs an honest business. Give us a call, and we can answer any questions!
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Liquid Spill Repair

If you spilled liquid on your MacBook, don't sweat it! We fix laptops for a living. You can either come into our store or mail in your water-damaged laptop. Our repair technicians will provide you with a free estimate that is much lower than you'd receive at Apple. If your MacBook is too water damaged to be repaired, we'll give it back to you at no cost!
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Logic Board Repairs

While Apple would make you pay for an entire logic board replacement, we offer an affordable solution...we'll complete your logic board repair in 2-5 days and give you a flat rate to pay. If you're outside of Austin, no problem! You can mail your laptop to our team to repair.
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Learn Logic Board Repair!

Interested in learning how we repair a MacBook logic board? Our board repair technicians, Louis, Chris, Dan, and Paul, offer personalized trainings where you can work with them hands-on and ask questions. If you want to sign up, please use our online scheduler!
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Love From Our Customers

  • positive macbook review
    Even though they said no to repairing my 2011 15inch macbook pro with AMD graphics I was completely impressed with the customer support given. I watch the YouTube channel related to this shop and when this machine came to me I thought of literally no one else to send the machine to if they would service it. Thanks Rossman Group. If I ever need mac service you guys will be the first I contact.
    – Sean K.
  • review 1
    Came in with a water damage on my Macbook Pro. My laptop wasn't charging, keyboard and trackpad not working. It took about a week for guys to fix everything, also ended up getting a new logic board, keyboard and trackpad. Fair pricing and everything works great. Thank you!
    – Zuhra K

Built On Ethics & Integrity

100% Free Estimates

Taking apart your Macbook to determine what is wrong with it costs $0 here. We believe diagnostic fees are predatory in this business. For a spoken word estimate of your problem, there is no fee!

Not In It For The Money

We don’t lie about your problem to milk you for more money. We never misrepresent what we are doing, such as replacing an external hard drive cable and charging you for data recovery.

Real Reviews

We never review ourself, or bribe customers with discounts to leave in-store reviews. Our feedback has all been earned and reviews have been left at the customer’s discretion, NOT ours!

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We provide the best unauthorized MacBook, iPad & iPhone Repair in Austin. You can come to our store for a free estimate without an appointment, or mail your device to us from anywhere in the world to receive service.
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