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We’re a Different Kind of Technology Company

No idiots, no salespeople, no bureaucracy, no BS – these are four principles our shop takes to heart.

There’s an informative, no-nonsense approach that’s unique here. Rossmann’s was built to provide the best experience by focusing on your expectations before our comfort & convenience. We encourage you to shop around; the Rossmann difference is most easily noticed by those who have been somewhere else first!
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Our Methods

No Outsourcing

All services advertised are performed on-site. From logic board repair to data recovery, turnaround is faster with no outsourcing.

Exhaustive inventory.

Our parts are acquired from known vendors, not middlemen suppliers on eBay that don’t have it together. Having only one part on hand means if it is defective, your repair is set back a week. We strongly believe in proper supplier relations. If you notice our timeframes are the best in the area, it’s because we have virtually every part we need in stock, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.

Our pricing is fair.

We use grade A+ parts.

We can repair motherboard component level issues.

Love From Our Customers

  • positive macbook review
    Even though they said no to repairing my 2011 15inch macbook pro with AMD graphics I was completely impressed with the customer support given. I watch the YouTube channel related to this shop and when this machine came to me I thought of literally no one else to send the machine to if they would service it. Thanks Rossman Group. If I ever need mac service you guys will be the first I contact.
    – Sean K.
  • review 1
    Came in with a water damage on my Macbook Pro. My laptop wasn't charging, keyboard and trackpad not working. It took about a week for guys to fix everything, also ended up getting a new logic board, keyboard and trackpad. Fair pricing and everything works great. Thank you!
    – Zuhra K

Ethics & Integrity

We do not perform jobs we cannot do properly.

You will hear us beg you to go elsewhere if we feel we are not the best fit for a job. Our goal is to make you happy while making money. If we can only do one without the other, we will not take on the job.

Free estimates:
we do not charge an estimate fee.

Taking apart your Macbook to determine what is wrong with it costs $0 here. We believe diagnostic fees are predatory in this business. For a spoken word estimate of your problem, there is no fee!

We appreciate the value of your time.

We try our best to not keep you waiting on repairs we advertise. 99% of the time, our parts are always stocked and ready to go! We have an entire section of our store just for cataloging hundreds of different parts we use on a regular basis that are ready to go.

We don’t lie about your problem to milk you for more money.

We never misrepresent what we are doing, such as replacing an external hard drive cable and charging you for data recovery. Our workshop is set up uniquely – 90% of repairs happen where you can see what we do as we are working on your laptop.

Good will when the manufacturer will offer superior service to us.

We never let someone pay us for a repair that the manufacturer will perform for free. There are many occasions where the Apple store is a better option, if your device is covered under an extended warranty or recall program. When we know this to be the case, we’ll never suggest you spend money with us unnecessarily.

Real reviews on all social media platforms – no funny business!

We never review ourself, or bribe customers with discounts to leave in-store reviews. Our feedback has all been earned and reviews have been left at the customer’s discretion, NOT ours!

How to Repair a USB Circuit!

Direct communication & common sense.

We’ll look at your Mac the moment you bring it in, and in many cases we can tell you the cost and time frame of repair while you wait. There is no diagnostic fee to look at your Macbook! If you have an issue like liquid damage, you most likely will have to leave it as these issues are too complicated to provide an instant estimate on.

We’ve maintained high standards so our employees can come up with solutions specific to your problems.

Rather than lower our standards to suit the lowest common denominator where everyone follows a generic manual, we hire people who can really think and come up with a way to solve your specific problem: and we give them the tools to do so. As a result, they do the job right; the first time. Every employee here understands how our supply chain works & how our processes work, and is free to use every resource available here to help you with your problem. The difference between our store vs. some fly-by-night franchise opened as a hobby project will be night and day.
This comic illustrates how communication breaks down in many of the repair shops I have been to, and is startingly/sadly accurate.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Louis teaches a class on component level board repair.

We encourage knowledge discovery & sharing in our industry.

We believe a better world would exist if more knowledge were available, so we perform repairs for a live audience while explaining how they’re done. We also have a paid support forum for technicians with troubleshooting guides that are freely available to read.

We enjoy vicariously living our success again through new repair technicians. To every customer who chose us over all other options: thank you. for helping support our endeavors to educate. We’re happy to have had a chance to become successful in an industry that has rewarded us with a living, and are happy to send the elevator back down so that others can share in our success.

We don’t believe in milking customers based on what they’re “willing to pay.”

There’s nothing worse than the feeling you’ve been charged $200 more than someone else because you “look rich.” I used to work at a store that inflated its prices if you looked rich, a typical Austin ripoff mill, and I quit after 4 days to start this company.
Other business’ pricing model vs. our pricing model: an entertaining comic.

We Can Fix Your Problem

We provide the best unauthorized MacBook, iPad & iPhone Repair in Austin. You can come to our store for a free estimate without an appointment, or mail your device to us from anywhere in the world to receive service.
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