We no longer offer iPhone screen repair

We do not offer iPad or iPhone screen repair anymore. We do offer data recovery from devices with damaged motherboards.

We stopped doing iPhone screen repairs.

When we started doing this, Apple charged $299 for an out of warranty iphone repair if you had a cracked screen. It took a week, and didn't give your data back. Now, Apple fixes your screen while you wait.

At the same time, the consistency in quality of parts we can get is just not the same as it was when we started. Apple's IRP program offers OEM screens, but it is designed from the ground up to be as hostile to independents as possible. I literally would no longer be able to offer component level repairs if I joined this program. That is unacceptable to me. 

As a business, our bread and butter has always been performing complex circuit board repairs and performing data recovery, often using schematics, boardviews, and chipsets that Apple does not want us to have. Joining IRP would impose on us a contractual obligation to no longer utilize this to perform those services.

Our FAQ, back to 2009, has said on this site that if we do not believe we are the best option, we're not going to offer the service - and I just don't feel like we are the best option anymore. As a result, we no longer offer iPhone screen repair. 

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