Clean Room Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Whether it’s a simple recovery or requires a serious clean room, lab environment, we can solve your problem on premises. 

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Many companies have nice expensive websites for data recovery, only to outsource your job to someone else. Worse even is when they’re relying on some $50 software package to do the job that you could’ve done yourself! Here, we do all of our own data recovery, right in our Austin lab: you’re welcome to watch how it’s done below.
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We Can Extract Information From These Types of Media at Our Lab

Laptop Hard Drives
Liquid damaged iPhones
Physically damaged USB flash drives
SD & microSD cards
WD MyPassport
Desktop Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
USB Hard Drives
RAID configurations

Our Rates?

Giving a price without seeing the device, assessing its condition is impossible. Everyone feels better having some basic idea of what things may cost, so for a basic idea, see below. Do realize the + means price can go up! Please do note that drives that have been opened before are rarely if ever recoverable by us: mention this prior to sending it in as we rarely work on pre-worked on drives.
hard drives

Hard Drives

$100 for basic data retrieval, $250-$650 for firmware repair, $900-$2000 for heads swap.
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SD cards and micro sd cards

SDcards/microSD cards

$200 for basic data recovery, $900 for breakout board data recovery
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cellphone data recovery


$300-$650 for drop or liquid damage. $400+ for any damage inflicted by inept repair technicians(long screw) that is above and beyond terrible.
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ssd card data recovery


$300-$1500 depending on extent of damage
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Love From Our Customers

I stumbled on my daughter's 2012 MacBook Pro that she had been told (years ago) was beyond repair. I powered it up and a little research led me to guess... read more
Scott Jones Avatar
Scott Jones
Visited old location in February 2020. I thought I had a complicated issue with an iPhone, and a need to move gigs of data from it. It turned... read more
Josh Jones Avatar
Josh Jones
I had all of our pictures backed up twice, except for 2017 and 2018. As I was uploading originals to the cloud, my drive died. And there went... read more
Karen Ferrero Avatar
Karen Ferrero
5 star ratingI took my iPhone 6 Plus with a motherboard completely damaged took it to other technicians that were specialist in motherboards and no one could’ve get my data recovered or... read more
Hector Nunez Avatar
Hector Nunez
5 star ratingThey will save your life (and your harddrives life)The new address for Rossmann Repair Group is 2410 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78705.
Nils R. Avatar
Nils R.
My laptop was ruined from water leakage in my bag and I was so worried that all of my data would be gone. I went to Apple and they said... read more
Haley Balouch Avatar
Haley Balouch
5 star ratingThey were very responsive, and very flexible. They put a new motherboard in my computer and then learned that the screen was still bad. So they didn't charge me and... read more
Danny Shader Avatar
Danny Shader
5 star ratingMy MacBook Air got dropped in a body of water and stopped turning on. After getting a consult from a different group, they referred me here as they didn't have... read more
Tori Ko Avatar
Tori Ko
By far the best company I have ever used for data recovery. They keep m informed every step of the way and did it quickly. Thanks again cant wait to... read more
John Bort Avatar
John Bort
5 star ratingI dropped my MacBook laptop and was unable to get it to turn it back on. After chatting with apple repair service I was told it was likely an internal... read more
Danielle D. Avatar
Danielle D.
5 star ratingGreat customer service, and prices are very fair i had no complaints at all this guys go above and beyond the call of duty, my Samsung phone is working amazing... read more
Luis G. Avatar
Luis G.
Top tier talent and outstanding customer service. Recovered my damaged SSD when others wouldn't even look at it. Walked me through the repair procedure and got everything I needed. Thank... read more
5haun 1 Avatar
5haun 1
5 star ratingIf I could give this place 10 stars I would. Long story short my wife's macbook pro wouldn't see hard drive. Upon startup all we saw was a blinking file... read more
Glen L. Avatar
Glen L.
Hard drive came back perfectly. I think it took a bit long for Rossman group to get the motherboard, but that may be partially my fault due to buying a... read more
Mark Mann Avatar
Mark Mann
5 star ratingI had the pleasure of visiting the Rossmann Repair Group in Austin one day almost two years ago as friends of mine needed an evaluation of a broken Macbook Pro,... read more
Jerry D. Avatar
Jerry D.

Our Recent Work

Our highly trained technicians have worked on some of the most complex cases with great success. If your hard drive or SDcard is no longer responsive, we’ll get your information back!
failed usb drive during data recovery service
Have a failed external USB drive? We can by-pass the USB on your drive and go straight for your data!
unstick heads - data recovery austin
Stuck heads? No problem! We have the tools and the clean room to un-stick your heads..
on site hard drive data recovery service
We can do clean room data recovery on premises when necessary.
inspecting 6 head stack donor drive
Inspecting a 6 head stack from a donor drive before it goes into the patient.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

All data recovery done on-site.

Our pricing is fair.

High success rate.

You can meet & speak with the recovery specialist working on your case directly.

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