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Clean Room Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in Austin

Welcome to Rossmann Repair Group, where we offer unparalleled hard drive data recovery services right here in Austin. We understand the value of your data, and our mission is to retrieve what you’ve lost with precision and care. Whether it’s a simple recovery or requires a serious clean room, lab environment, we can solve your problem on premises!

Why Rossmann Repair?

Many companies have nice expensive websites & ad campaigns to promote their data recovery services, only to outsource the job somewhere else. Worse even is when they try using a $50 software package to do the job that you could’ve done yourself, making the drive worse & less recoverable in the process. Here in our Austin lab, we do all of our own lab data recovery, from basic $100 recoveries to $2000+ recoveries requiring specialized lab equipment. Small jobs are handled economically, while difficult jobs are handled with the right equipment & expertise. Our dedicated local lab is where advanced technology meets hands-on experience, ensuring that your data recovery is handled with the precision & care.

We stand out from ordinary computer repair shops by leveraging our top-tier equipment like the Purair VLF-48 for clean environment head swaps & the ACELAB PC3000, operated by skilled technicians, for the most challenging data recoveries. With additional high-performance tools from Rusolut, Deepspar, & more. Above all, we do not pay for advertising or affiliate commissions, allowing us to keep our prices low! Our best advertising are our hundreds of thousands of happy customers who have been spreading the word about us for the past fifteen years. 

  • Local, On-Site Recovery: All recoveries are performed at our Austin lab, ensuring your data never leaves the city.
  • Transparent Pricing: We provide free estimates and transparent pricing, so you know what to expect without any surprises.
  • No Expensive Ad Campaigns: Our company uses 100% grassroots, organic advertising - no pay per click ads, no affiliate programs, meaning we do not have expensive advertising costs we must pass onto you. For the level of expertise we offer, you won't find a lower price.
  • High Success Rates: Leveraging advanced techniques and our state-of-the-art equipment, our success rates are among the best in the industry.
  • Direct Communication: You’ll speak directly with the specialists handling your case, ensuring personal and attentive service.
  • Top rated: We are the best rated repair shop in our class on Google maps. This was the result of 15 years of dedication to our craft & our customers.
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Watch a Real Data Recovery Service below!

We Can Extract Information From These Types of Media at Our Lab

Laptop Hard Drives
Liquid damaged iPhones
Physically damaged USB flash drives
SD & microSD cards
WD MyPassport
Desktop Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
USB Hard Drives
RAID configurations

Our Rates?

Giving a price without seeing the device, assessing its condition is impossible. Everyone feels better having some basic idea of what things may cost, so for a basic idea, see below. Do realize the + means price can go up! Please do note that drives that have been opened before are rarely if ever recoverable by us: mention this prior to sending it in as we rarely work on pre-worked on drives.
hard drives

Hard Drives

$100 for basic data retrieval, $250-$650 for firmware repair, $900-$2000 for heads swap.
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SD cards and micro sd cards

SDcards/microSD cards

$200 for basic data recovery, $900 for breakout board data recovery
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cellphone data recovery


$300-$650 for drop or liquid damage, $1200+ for difficult cases(board swap). $400+ for any damage inflicted by inept repair technicians(long screw) that is above and beyond terrible.
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ssd card data recovery


$300-$1500 depending on extent of damage
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Love From Our Customers

Hear from our satisfied customers who trust us for their data recovery needs in Austin. We didn't become the top rated repair shop on Google maps by accident - this was a 15 year effort of providing best-in-class service, with no gimmicks. 

Amazing technician, I believe the best in Apple repair in the country even better than Apple with the tools and facility they can get of course, Apple makes many problems for third party repair shops. I have learned a lot from his videos and from Jessa Jones at iPad Rehab in Rochester NY. I look forward in learning more from them all. Aside from being great technicians they are very honest which is a good relief from anyone that want's to get anything repaired. I look forward to visiting NYC one day and stopping by the shop and thank him in person. They have also fixed my laptop where I am writing this response on and gave me tips on my external hard drive which is now also up and working!
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Tony Trilex Avatar
Tony Trilex
5 star ratingOwner is knowledgeable and instills good work ethics in his employees. The repair service is kneecapped by manufacturers that don't share their components or even stop 3rd parties from selling replacement parts. But if a board component is unavailable the staff make do with recycled circuit boards (good for the ewaste problem). Unlike at big corporate stores Rossman doesn't have punishing policies like demanding to erase the customer's data even if it's not necessary, or replacing whole circuitboards when just one component needs replacing.
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Robert V. Avatar
Robert V.
5 star ratingI have a 2016 15" MacBook Pro with touch bar, which crashed randomly and wouldn't restart. I tried a bunch of things over next couple of days but no dice. Figured it was dead.Took it to Apple Store (W 14th St). Their Genius took it apart in a back room and told me the logic board is dead and quoted $678 to fix it, with loss of all data.I went to Rossmann nearby to ask about data recovery (having researched various options and finding lots of recommendations for this place). The guy at the front desk took it apart in front of me and found the issue in 10 seconds. A small screw had become dislodged and was wedged between two components on the board. Worked fine after removing that.No cost (I gave the guy a tip).Amazing.Added bonus: my faith in humanity is renewed. (My faith in Apple is much reduced)Can't recommend this place enough.
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Daniel P. Avatar
Daniel P.
Super helpful and friendly team- even tho they could replace my hard drive bracket they inspected the machine and hdd free of charge.
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J M Goodwin Avatar
J M Goodwin
5 star ratingI had the pleasure of visiting the Rossmann Repair Group in NYC one day almost two years ago as friends of mine needed an evaluation of a broken Macbook Pro, a bad hard drive and possible data transfer. Louis Rossmann greeted us immediately and was very friendly and patient. He told us exactly what the problem was and said that the Macbook Pro was beyond repair due to bad GPU connections. In fact he saw this as soon as he turned it on, he could detect very faint lines on the screen which indicated this issue. He was very honest about this, he said that some places would get it to work for a while by heating it up and charging a few hundred dollars, but that the repair would not last long and it would certainly fail again.My friend asked him if he could transfer the data from the Macbook to a Mac Mini so it would work like the Macbook. He said he could and it would take a couple of days. We returned a few days later to pick everything up. The cost was very reasonable and my friends were very satisfied with the service. He gave the bad HD back to us, said it would require sending to a recovery center. Just honest. No ripoffs.In this tech repair industry, dishonesty is very common since tech people know the average person has no clue about any of this technology and there is almost no chance they would know if they are being fooled or how much the repair is really worth. I know this well since I also do computer and electronics repair and support myself and I know how easy it would be to fool customers left and right! I don't do this and I highly appreciate other tech experts who aren't tempted to profit from people's trust and innocence!So in summary, if you don't want to get ripped of and lied to, and are looking for a highly competent reliable technician, make sure you go here with your Mac equipment. If you like, you can stop by an Apple Genius bar first for a good laugh, while they give you the wrong diagnosis, quote you an insanely high repair price, and try to convince you to buy a whole new unit.Finally, if you want to be amazed, look for Louis Rossmann on YouTube and watch some of his videos where he shows exactly how he repairs the "unrepairable" and inspires many others to do their own repairs, start their own repair businesses and with his tireless entrepreneurial positive attitude even motivates disillusioned young students to not give up on school and go to college! (In fact one student said he was about to give up on education but after watching Louis on YouTube he made the decision to enter Med school! Now that's remarkable!)Louis is such a great guy, that in some cases where the issue is very minor, like a bad cable, he even does the repair for no charge! Try to find anybody who is willing to do anything for no charge these days! (The Genius bar would certainly tell you that your unit has been water damaged, when it wasn't, (maybe was in a humid room which would turn the water indicators red!) and quote you $1000 for a repair that would cost them $7 for the cable)Louis Rossmann is a hero, one of those rare individuals who make positive contributions to individuals and society every single day. I am pretty sure that anybody who gives him a bad review probably either is part of Apple, or considers Apple to be some kind of religious deity.
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Jerry D. Avatar
Jerry D.
5 star ratingIf I could give this place 10 stars I would. Long story short my wife's macbook pro wouldn't see hard drive. Upon startup all we saw was a blinking file with a question mark. Called apple and made appointment with "genius" bar. They said that hard drive was dead and to take it to a micro center or similar store to try and get my wife's pics and videos (which she NEVER backed up) off of the dead drive. My wife was in tears now because it wasn't even a definite that she could recover them. Pricing for this according to numerous data recovery shops was 500-1500 and like I said it wasn't definite they could get the data. Well went on yelp and saw Rossman repair group which was a 40 minute drive and had 4.5 stars on yelp. Their pricing was tiered according to what had to be done to get the data and started at around 200 bucks so I figured I'd take a ride into the city with the wifey and hope for the best. Upon walking into this little shop a nice young lady asked to see the computer. She started started it up, saw the blinking file and handed it to a gentleman sitting at a work desk right next to her. The guy says might be a cable issue they're known to go bad in these computers. He then opened the computer, hooked up his hard drive and it still didn't work. Cable is bad and NOT HARD DRIVE!!!! Give us about 20 minutes we have these in stock and it will cost 100 bucks plus tax!!!!! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! went for a nice little dinner right on next block at this great little pizzeria/restaurant while we waited. Got the wifey a nice glass of wine and picked computer up 45 minutes later. THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST !!!!
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Glen L. Avatar
Glen L.
5 star ratingThey were very responsive, and very flexible. They put a new motherboard in my computer and then learned that the screen was still bad. So they didn't charge me and sent me my hard drive too. I was really impressed
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Danny Shader Avatar
Danny Shader
I teach at a gifted school and am dependent on a sturdy 7-year-old MacBook Pro purchased with a parents association grant. I use it for lecture, lessons, student presentations and all of my grading and internet at school. I had dropped the computer and it would not charge afterward. I called apple and they abandoned me. Their authorized repair people referred me to Louis before they abandoned me too. I showed up late on a Tuesday at his store frantic and worn out because this is my busiest time of the academic year. Frightened I would have to leave the computer there, Louis overheard me explaining I didn’t want the hard drive accidentally wiped and proceeded to start to analyze the problem. Then he gingerly opened up my tired computer and hooked power up from the inside, determined it was fixable and had some jolly guy in the back room hammer out the case for me while I waited. Then he put it all back together better than Humpty Dumpty and sent me on my way. I kept asking to pay him and he kept saying I could leave a tip if I wanted. I left a modest tip and thanked him and his really nice staff a few more times. I have never met anyone like this man. Yes Louis Rossmann is a true genius, unlike the misnomer coveted by apple technicians who are demeaning and often ineffective. Louis is talented, patient, and kind. And he’s a good teacher too. He treated my computer like it was a person and he treated me with dignity for wanting to rescue it. I hope he does well in his business. He seems happy but it bothers me that he says people are not quick to thank him. I wish more people knew the joys of being in the presence of his greatness and leaving so relieved you have your computer back that the rainstorm outside that night doesn’t annoy you. Thank you Louis, and I wish you deep happiness in your life. Keep up the greatness. If you ever need anything let me know.
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Maria Nedwidek Avatar
Maria Nedwidek
My wife's mac screen stopped working in Indonesia. No matter were we took it, it was 600 USD to fix. Well, I have been watching Louis for a while now :-) and truly enjoy it. Anyway, I had convince my wife to send the MAC to Rossmans once we got back to the US. It wasn't easy since they are not "authorized" repair company. I had to convince her that they were better than Apple. She hesitantly said yes and trusted my judgement. Well Louis, you guys came through. Not only did you guys replace the faulty screen but my wife said her mac looked cleaned up. She was very happy with the results. THANKS FOR NOT MAKING ME LOOK BAD!!!. :-) Oh.. Rossman Group charged me 600 USD. The same amount we would have paid to have the mac fixed in Indonesia.
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Richard Rivera Avatar
Richard Rivera
5 star ratingIGNORE address here, it's wrong but they're not allowed to change it.FANTASTIC place for any macbook, hard drive, etc. repairs. Not the cheapest in town but usually way less than Apple, and no fix, no charge and HONEST.Note, they've MOVED, same owner, manager, staff, parts, equipment, etc.But Yelp won't let them change the address so NOTE new address2410 San Antonio Street, Austin, TX 78705Not sure if the phone number is different but here's the number from current website,
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Rich E. Avatar
Rich E.
5 star ratingMy USB-C MacBook Pro recently stopped charging. The local Apple Store wanted to replace the whole logic board, which was expensive and would have lost all my data. I asked them if it was the charging circuit and they specifically said "no".

I mailed my Mac to Rossmann, and they correctly identified the problem as being the charging circuit after all. The repair was cheaper than Apple, was just as fast, and (because it didn't require replacing the logic board) I got to keep all of my data.

Overall I couldn't be happier. I used the prepaid shipping box they sell, and the service was smooth and fast.
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Chris W. Avatar
Chris W.
If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would. The Apple Genius wanted twice the price and 10 weeks to fix my Macbook Pro. Rossman received it on a Thursday, repaired and shipped it back out next day. I happily paid a nominal expediting fee for a quick turn. It arrived back to me very well packaged, clean as a whistle, and working flawlessly. EXCELLENT!
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Brian Stinson Avatar
Brian Stinson
Very friendly, thorough, easy to get in touch with, and respond quickly in addition to fantastic work. I ended up spilling some water on my Macbook Pro that wasn't even a year old at the worst time possible (when I needed my laptop and the things on it most). I went to Apple and they quoted me $1400 and an additional 500$ for data recovery regardless of whether or not it was needed. Naturally, my things don't even get damaged in the same way other laptops do and my logic board was done for. Louis took a quick look at it the day I brought it in and said that the hard drive doesn't seem to be affected (something apple wanted to charge me $500 for). They kept in contact with me every step of the way. They got me a great price to replace the board and trackpad for half of what Apple wanted. Thank you, Louis and Steve. I hope I don't have to be the one to bring anything else to you guys, but if I do, I know where to go. Will definitely refer people. I'm also really enjoying the YouTube channel. Thanks again!
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Michael Arustamyan Avatar
Michael Arustamyan
5 star ratingI used Rossmann Repair Group as a mail-in customer in the past. They are the best of the best. They are honest and incredibly skilled. I had some hard to replace videos on a MacBook that went bad and they got in there and managed to get my data back. Saved me a few weeks of edits and the prices are reasonable - its not the cheapest but its clear that the quality of the work being done. I hope that Rossmann Repair Group can expand into more lines of repair - I'd love for Rossmann Repair Group to end up being the place to bring anything worth saving with an electric cord or a power brick. Rossmann Repair Group also has free sessions where you can bring anything in and they will help you repair, solder, reflow and diagnose anything you can carry in.
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Mick R. Avatar
Mick R.
Great experience. These guys know what they are doing and are so honest, it is almost scary. I sent them a hard drive for data recovery and was informed that a recovery might be possible, but was highly unlikely. I watched one of their videos on YouTube and it made perfect sense why. Everyone else wanted to charge me $1300, whether or not they could recover the data. Louis, thank you for what you do, what you represent, and who you are.
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Chris Taylor Avatar
Chris Taylor

Our Recent Work

Our highly trained technicians have worked on some of the most complex cases with great success. If your hard drive or SDcard is no longer responsive, we’ll get your information back!
failed usb drive during data recovery service
Have a failed external USB drive? We can by-pass the USB on your drive and go straight for your data!
unstick heads - data recovery austin
Stuck heads? No problem! We have the tools and the clean room to un-stick your heads..
on site hard drive data recovery service
We can do clean room data recovery on premises when necessary.
inspecting 6 head stack donor drive
Inspecting a 6 head stack from a donor drive before it goes into the patient.

Bottom Line:

At Rossmann Repair Group, we don’t just recover data; we restore your peace of mind. Contact us today for your hard drive data recovery needs in Austin and experience service that sets the industry standard.

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All data recovery done on-site.

Our pricing is fair.

High success rate.

You can meet & speak with the recovery specialist working on your case directly.

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