Why is my lacie hard drive beeping?

You can see above how we can save drives that have this problem – Steve has seen his fair share of failing Lacies!

LaCie drives beep when the read/write heads are stuck on the platter.

Many aren’t aware that LaCie does not manufacture their own drives. Most LaCie drives are actually a LaCie brand name/enclosure covering a Seagate drive inside.

There are 3.5″ drives, and 2.5″ drives. When it comes to tinier 2.5″ drives made by Seagate, its motor won’t spin if the sliders or heads are on the platter. Anytime the sliders/heads are stuck on the platter, you will hear beeping.

Sliders/heads being stuck on the platter will commonly occur if the drive is mishandled, banged, or dropped. 2.5″ drives aren’t as strong as 3.5″ drives. The motor cannot spin if something is on the platter in a 2.5″ drive, the same way it would in a 3.5″ drive – thus, it beeps.

If the drive has not been opened, there is a good chance of successful recovery. Hitting the drive to unstick the heads, however, commonly leads to unrecoverable platter damage. A $300 recovery can turn into a $1000 recovery if the drive is mishandled, or unskilled repair attempts are made, once it has begun beeping. 

We regularly recover beeping LaCie drives in our lab!

If the drive is beeping, you don’t have a lot of chances for a proper recovery. When you bring a beeping LaCie to us, we will unstick the heads properly, examine them under a microscope to determine if they can be reused, and then recover your data.

There aren’t a lot of tries here – there’s one attempt you get, and if you mess it up the data is permanently gone.

Have a failed external USB drive? We can by-pass the USB on your drive and go straight for your data!
Stuck heads? No problem! We have the tools and the clean room to un-stick your heads..
We can do clean room data recovery on premises when necessary.
Inspecting a 6 head stack from a donor drive before it goes into the patient.

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