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We’ll look at your Mac the moment you bring it in, and in many cases we can tell you the cost and time frame of repair while you wait. There is no diagnostic fee to look at your Macbook! If you have an issue like liquid damage, you most likely will have to leave it as these issues are too complicated to provide an instant estimate on.
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While we do a large amount of business through our mail-in-repair services.  We love helping customers locally in Austin with all their macbook repair problems.  Bring it in to us and we'll give you an on the spot estimate and peace of mind that we can fix your problem.
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Our shop is based on honest business practices. Read more about our values here.

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The above is what we see most. Based on years of experience and know-how, we will be able to fix your MacBook regardless of the issue.

Large Inventory

Due to our large inventory of MacBook parts, you won’t have to wait long to get your machine back. Many times, repair shops will have to order the parts, which delays your repair. This is not the case with Rossmann Repair Group. We carry parts, so you don’t have to wait.

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Compared to other established repair centers, our prices are anywhere from 10%-40% cheaper. And compared to Apple? Fuhgeddaboudit! Read about our pricing philosophy here.

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Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.

Our pricing is fair.

We use grade A+ parts.

We can repair motherboard component level issues.

Love From Our Customers

I would absolutely recommend Rossmann Repair Group. Very professional, and I was able to get everything I needed off of my broken hard drive. There's no question, if you need... read more
Courtland Welch Avatar
Courtland Welch
5 star ratingI consulted Rossmann Repair Group for data recovery services. A new IT client was recently referred to me, because his main computer crashed and his business database went offline as... read more
Shomari Hohn Avatar
Shomari Hohn
5 star ratingMy 2017 WD My Passport external hard drive wasn't functioning and made a beeping noise! We went to a nearby PC and data recovery store that couldn't recover the data... read more
Cece C. Avatar
Cece C.
5 star ratingI have a 8+ year old MacBook Air, it completely shut off on me and I was devastated since I have a ton of important business files that weren't backed... read more
Miguel B. Avatar
Miguel B.
Recovered a water damaged hard drive that I feared was a goner. Kevin was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions. Friendly... read more
Chris S Avatar
Chris S
Apple should thanks them. Apple should move them to a better location, bigger place and properly give them the tools and resources so that they can be at 110% Cant... read more
Salvador Peláez Avatar
Salvador Peláez
5 star ratingI sent in an external hard drive that bricked on me. Its a drive I plug in once a year, dump phone videos, photos, and then back on the shelf... read more
Jason Burzynski (Baker) Avatar
Jason Burzynski (Baker)
5 star ratingLouis Rossmann is as real as it gets man. The sheep may not be of your average sheep's color, but he's the real deal. He knows exactly what he is... read more
Just R. Avatar
Just R.
5 star ratingI had the pleasure of visiting the Rossmann Repair Group in NYC one day almost two years ago as friends of mine needed an evaluation of a broken Macbook Pro,... read more
Jerry D. Avatar
Jerry D.
5 star ratingIf I could give this place 10 stars I would. Long story short my wife's macbook pro wouldn't see hard drive. Upon startup all we saw was a blinking file... read more
Glen L. Avatar
Glen L.
Five weeks ago, my 10 year old daughter's 5th gen iPad stopped charging. My husband and I suspected a loose connection, but when we took it to Apple, they ran... read more
Christina M Avatar
Christina M
5 star ratingI had an iPhone 8 that was totally dead, wouldn't recognize being plugged into a computer or power outlet. The biggest problem was that it hadn't been backed up in... read more
Chris S. Avatar
Chris S.
Great place. Prompt service. Went in for data recovery and was dealt with quickly and without bs. Fair pricing on the service.
EPHiiOS Avatar
Rossman Repair Group saved me over $600 to repair my computer!My MacBook Pro stopped charging and I went to Apple to have it repaired. They were going to charge me... read more
Chelsea Fowler Avatar
Chelsea Fowler
5 star ratingI like his YouTube channel, sent my iPad in for screen repair, and am very happy with his repair service. My only complaint is the USPS delivery who has started... read more
Harry S. Avatar
Harry S.

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