Rossmann Group's Recommended Tool List

December 24, 2019

Below is a list of tools that are recommended by the Rossmann Group:

Microscope -
Microscope light
Hot air station- Quick 861DW:
Soldering station with 2027 iron(big iron)
Micro iron -
Tip for standard iron -
Tip for micropencil that I prefer using -
Tip for really tiny connectors(ipad mini digitizer) -
Smoke absorber -
Ultrasonic cleaner(don't buy cheap shit it'll bite you in the ass) -
Fluid for ultrasonic - use 100 milliliters per gallon of distilled water -
Big jumper wire that is insulated -
Small jumper wire - rip out of old dead macbook pro battery wire(like A1286 internal batteries, the wire connecting it to the board)
JBC CP-2E Micro Tweezers Station
CW3300g from (green stuf for protecting your new made traces)
Probably old but work great :
Fluke 15B multimeter
Fluke Rigid back probe pin set
DS1102E digital oscilloscope 100MHZ

Boardview Software: 

Free iPhone Boardview Software- Includes BoardViews- PhoneBoard:
Paid iPhone BoardView Software- ZXW:

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