820-2850 motherboards are dropping dead at a faster rate everyday. The biggest problem facing this board is improper fan control. Regardless of how hot the CPU or GPU become, the fans run at a lethargic 1000 rpm or lower for up to ten minutes at a time, boiling the board.

If you have a 2010 15.4” A1286 Macbook Pro, it probably has an 820-2850 motherboard inside of it. If it does, this is bad news for you,as it will likely continue to fail again and again. A good solution is to replace it with the compatible 820-2915 motherboard, and associated battery.  You can put a new 820-2915 board inside, and buy the compatible battery for it, and you’re set. The difference in the boards is only in the battery connector. 820-2915 boards have a battery connector on top, as opposed to on the side. See the picture below.

There are several Apple products that have been recalled for silly issues. Some should have been recalled, but never were. In 2007-2008, we had the A1226 & A1260 machine with dying G84-602-A2 graphics chips, and screen frames that cracked like paperclips at the bottom. The A1286 2008/2009 Unibody Macbook Pro had a back covers composed of two pieces of glued together aluminum that fall apart as the heavy display assembly moves back and forth. This 2010 should be next.