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Macbook Logic Board Repair - Repairability on its way up with newer models!

When people spill water on their laptop, it is often in the corner. People put the drink to the left or right of their machine - often the left, so they can type/use the trackpad with their right. A majority of the people in the world are righties. So when the drink spills, it is […]

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A1226/A1260 Macbook Pro with no backlight problem

This happens routinely. Please refer to this blog entry for information on the cause & the fix! http://www.rossmannsupply.com/blog/?p=32

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iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Problems - insight & cause

Oftentimes when budding repair technicians replace the screen on an iPhone 4, they receive this common complaint. My phone works weird after you finished. It hangs up on people. A little background - one of the few things the iPhone does right, in my opinion, is handle turning the screen off. It is more elegant […]

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DCA License Number Citations – not feeling like much of a cultivated garden right now.

“Those bills…are a throwback to the era when government viewed the private sector as a cash cow to be milked, rather than a garden to be cultivated,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who earlier this month compared the living-wage bill to the policies of the former Soviet Union on his radio show. “The council wants to take […]

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Resellerratings.com - extorting customers in the name of "building trust"

http://www.ripoffreport.com/internet-marketing-companies/resellerratings-com/resellerratings-com-all-enthus-23w88.htm http://www.google.sk/support/forum/p/base/thread?tid=37944c62f1b88866&hl=en&start=120 I posted a few times in the second thread. When you Google a product, you may use Google shopping. Next to products, are links to reviews. What makes resellerratings.com an extortion based business model? a) You cannot respond to reviews without paying to be a merchant member. Unlike Google Places, Yelp, and other […]

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Pricing and the New York thought process.

I think I have settled in my mind what is wrong with New York pricing.   The idea we have here is to charge what we feel is fair for a) The effort required. b) The skill required. c) The time we put in to learn the skill required. d) The tool required. e) The […]

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Unibody Macbook Pro Display Assembly Repair & Replacement Service

Unibody display assemblies are expensive; especially for split back unibodies. Before I delve into this blog entry, let's first define what I mean when I say "split back" Unibody. A split back Unibody is a Unibody Macbook Pro from 2008, when the battery was user removable. Every Macbook  where the back cover is user removable is […]

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LCD shells for cheap - clamshell assemblies for Unibody Macbooks!

We will soon be offering full assembly replacement services to the end consumer as well as to repair centers. Many companies have offered these services in the past, with two common pitfalls. a) They buy the part from Apple, at high markup and pass it off to you. b) They give you a used assembly, […]

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Self masturbation; the art of reviewing yourself, bribing the customers, and paying people to like you.

You probably do your research before using a company that provides an important service. Companies understand this, and need themselves to be viewed in the best light possible by the savvy customer. I'll let you put together what's going on here, through these three pictures. Make sure to use a fine tooth comb to search […]

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