New workshop is moved into.

May 5, 2011

As the WSJ article on the homepage states, this company kept prices down by utilizing "free" real estate - bartering technical repair services of recording studio gear & broadcast consoles for workshop space to perform repairs.
Well, finally, this has come to an end! The workshop is open, and it's all us, @ 251 W. 30th street in the basement. I have a separate clean room with double doors & clean ventilation, a spacious stockroom, and a pretty awesome main lounge area that gets used for packaging LCDs that the supply company ships to repair depots & DIY users around the country.
The place should be pretty cool soon. It doubles as a boutique recording studio. Well, it will. A/D converters will be the latest & greatest Austin Instruments has to offer courtesy of demo boards, THAT1512 based mic preamps in the near future, and a nice restored set of Vandersteen monitors. I'm too excited to postpone pictures, so here's some shoddy photography courtesy of my Android phone. The place is still a work in progress.

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