You probably do your research before using a company that provides an important service. Companies understand this, and need themselves to be viewed in the best light possible by the savvy customer.

I’ll let you put together what’s going on here, through these three pictures. Make sure to use a fine tooth comb to search for nonsense.




Let’s go on to a simpler picture to draw a conclusion from. Less fun.


The last route of a pathetic situation: signs & promotions where discounts are offered if you’ll “like” a place or review them on Facebook. If someone offers you anything, even $3 off to leave a good review or improve their public image, wonder why. Why are they willing to pay for their reviews or reputation? Likely because they’re unskilled, lack organization, and don’t offer anything of unique, true value.

Lastly: Citysearch is to self-reviewing as Nigeria is to email banking scams. One shouldn’t buy toilet paper utilizing information from Citysearch.