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A1226 A1260 Macbook Pro 15" repair - does not require removing top case

I eventually plan on releasing a series of free repair videos that show you how to properly do these machines. So many guides have people taking the entire machine apart and removing the display assembly. Simple workaround, get a Wiha Tools #00 screwdriver, from the precision series. Place your elbow by the webcam, and your […]

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A1226 & A1260 screen compatibility

The A1226 & A1260 model 15" Macbook Pro uses many different LCDs, like many Macbooks of the same model. However, it is rare in that some of the LCDs used in this machine are not compatible. Apple uses: LP154WP2(TL)(A1) LP154WP2(TL)(A2) LP154WP2(TL)(A3) LP154WP2(TL)(A4) B154PW04 V.0 B154PW04 V.6 B154PW04 V.7 LTN154BT02 N154C6-L01 N154C6-L02 The last two, that […]

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a1181 Macbook LCD Screen shortage & solution

So, we're getting to the point where there are 5 kinds of people selling a1181 Macbook LCDs such as the LP133WX1(TL)(A1), B133EW01 V.0, N133L1-L01, LTN133L1-L01, LP133WX1-TLC1, LP133WX1-TLN3 that get used for Rossmann's a1181 Macbook Screen Repair. People who claim they are "new" because they hope you will not notice they're used. Liars - this crap […]

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Welcome to The Rossmann Group

I'd really like for this blog to be more than a keyword orgy to improve SEO or "AND AN APPLE CERTIFIED TECH WILL REPAIR YOUR DEVICE!!!111" mess. I don't care much about Apple certification, and I'm not trying to hook you in on some "WE LOVE APPLE DEVICES SO MUCH AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOU DO […]

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