How can i get data off a broken phone? 

There are a few main parts which are necessary for data recovery.

Data recovery depends on how your phone is broken!

Items such as speakers, cameras, if faulty don’t matter so if you only want your data; nothing else. If one of these parts were deemed to be faulty, and you’d like a working phone after, then you could replace these for you too. The main parts which you require in working order as follows: 
  • Screen – this is so you can see the device, trust the computer, and communicate with it. You don’t need the backlight to work, but you do need image & touch. You have to be able to log into the phone in order to back it up to a machine.
  • Battery – this is so that the device powers on. You can also use something called a Squid that attaches to a power supply, but it’s best to use the battery. The phone’s logic board at the very least must be able to work off a battery so that you can use the squid.
  • Charge port – this is so you can connect the device to a computer, so we can make a backup of your data. If you’re really lucky, this is what is keeping your iPhone from charging/working.
  • Logic board – the logic board must be clear from any corrosion/shorts so that it can boot for you to recover your data. If it isn’t, then the board must be fixed so that the phone can boot.
Once you know all of these parts are working, and if you have your passcode, you can plug your phone into a computer and start the backup. You can backup your information to the cloud, as well as a HDD/USB, so that you have two copies. This means should you ever forget/lose one, you will have the other with a backup of all of your data.

The price is dependant on the complexity:

Dead phones need to be thoroughly diagnosed before we can quote you a price to recover your data. The price will determine on how complex the repair we need to carry out will be. Data recovery on these ranges from $300-$650 depending on how bad the problem is on your specific device, and you only pay if we can get the data! Feel free to come to our store, or send your device into us if outside Austin. You’re also welcome to call or email us if you have any questions. 

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The board is the most complicated part to repair

Broken screens, charge ports, and batteries are fairly simple, and can even be done at home by a savvy DIYer. Board repairs are another story – if the phone is not booting with a known good battery, charge port, and screen, than the problem is with the board. Board repairs are where most of the cost lies. 

It is still possible to recover data from phones with a bad logic board. We would find the power rails that are missing, figure out why they are missing, and repair the problem. Sometimes it is removing a short circuit that is causing the board to not turn on – which can mean removing unnecessary functionality that impedes the board from powering on. Sometimes the board does turn on, but won’t fully boot up. This can mean replacing chipsets that are corrupting i2c data lines so that it will boot properly. 

Either way, whether you need a basic port replacement, or an in-depth board repair, we have you covered. We have years of experience doing component level logic board repairs that we demonstrate on daily livestreams on your YouTube channel. 

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