How much does it cost to repair a liquid damaged MacBook?

It depends on the model and the problem!

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You can call us anytime we are open, and speak to a live person – not a phone tree or an uninformed minimum wage desk clerk. We have live chat that is monitored at all times during business hours, and occasionally outside of business hours, and we return emails quickly. If you have any questions on pricing, or are unsure what model you have and how to figure that out, feel free to reach out to us for help!


Liquid Damage Treatment

Keyboard –  $150-$350
Trackpad –  $125-$350
No Backlight –  $150-$425
Logicboard –  $200-$425
No Power –  $150-$425
Cleaning –  $100-$150


Liquid Damage Treatment

Tier 4 –  $750+
Tier 4 –  $750+
Tier 4 –  $750+
Tier 4 –  $750+
Tier 4 –  $750+
Tier 4 –  $750+

Why are there price ranges?

The same Macbook repair can have a different price on a different machine. For instance, a keyboard an A1278 would be $175. On a Macbook Air , it is riveted into the case, increasing complexity of the repair, so the price goes up to $225 + tax. On the Macbook Pro Retina, it is even more involved with adhesed in battery removal being required, so the price goes up to $250 + tax. On the newest models, the keyboards are very expensive, so it is $350 + tax.

There is no way to give a proper, accurate estimate without us seeing the machine and getting an idea of what it is doing. We provide a free estimate if you are able to send your machine to us, or bring it to our store for an inspection.

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Why is Apple’s cost to repair liquid damage so expensive?

Apple replaces everything.

Even if the issue with your machine is a bent pin on a cable: at the Genius bar, they prescribe replacing everything. Apple’s methodology is not to diagnose specific issues and target repairing them, but to replace everything under a flat rate program once they see liquid damage. The downside to this method is evident in the pricing. It allows streamlined repairs to be prescribed by low skilled employees, but it is not the best solution for the budget conscientious customer. See below CBC News’ take on the Genius Bar.

Apple often pushes you to buy a new one.

When you go to the store with an issue, the solution prescribed is often to purchase a new one, if repair cost is too high. Apple’s money doesn’t come from economical repairs of old devices – but sale of new ones.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.

Our pricing is fair.

We use grade A+ parts.

We can repair motherboard component level issues.

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