Yes, we will fix your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4‘s cracked screen, often in 10-20 minutes, for $65. Choose any color you want from red to gold for an extra $15. Warranty is one year, unless you break it yourself, and the LCD inside the assembly is the same retina LCD Apple has Sharp, Toshiba, & LG make for them. The tech doing the work is payed an honest, livable wage in a legal manner. Take a look at our parts – they look really, really good. Our feedback is amazing. We are DCA licensed & insured and have done this over one thousand times. Point is, we’ll leave it to you to guess where we’re skimping. I’ll put it below in cleartext – select if you can’t guess.

Personal profit – it DID occur to you that we were skimping on what we took from your wallet and not on quality… right? Good. 😉