Will a MacBook Air work after spilled water?

It depends on where the water hit!

If you’d like us to fix it – we can!

We have a multitude of parts available, so that we can repair your machine in most cases without time consuming parts orders. We have an exhaustive inventory of anything & everything that is likely to break as a result of liquid damage on a Macbook – from chipsets to batteries to screens, wiring, and more,

Like cancer: what the liquid got to, will often determine the outcome.

If liquid got into your DC in board:

On the 2010-2017 model Macbook Airs, liquid on the DC-in board on the inside of the machine will typically result in

  • Not charging, but it boots off the charger.
  • No audio.
  • No backlight.

This is because three fundamental circuits are located on the DC in board. The onewire circuit that allows the Macbook Air to communicate with the charger, the hall sensor that detects the magnet in the display that alerts the SMC that it is closed, and the audio circuit.



If liquid got onto your logic board:

The machine may work slow, if it hit a sensor – but this is rare. The usual suspects are the SMC/SMC reset area, after which a green light will no longer register *AND* it won’t turn on(different from water just on the DC in board). You may have no backlight if it hit the LCD connector.

If liquid got into your trackpad:

The trackpad is not just a trackpad! On Macbook Airs, the trackpad

  • Acts as a keyboard controller, converting the input from the keyboard & the trackpad to a USB or SPI signal.
  • Houses a temperature sensor for the palmrest.
  • Can reset the SMC.

If the light on your charger is orange, then resets to green when you hit power – your trackpad cable is likely corroded, or your trackpad is malfunctioning and registering power button presses as SMC resets. The SMC is what speaks to the charger: once reset, the light on the charger will change. The machine may also run slow with the fans on full speed if the trackpad temperature sensor malfunctions.

If liquid got onto your keyboard:

Some of your keys may stop working. It is best to turn the machine over when this happens, so that the liquid doesn’t make its way to the logic board. However, if it did….

Even if it works right now, don’t leave it like that…

Look below for an idea of what liquid will do to the machine. You don’t want that happening to your machine, right? Even if you’re not paying a technician for a fix – open it up, and clean up the damage. You owe it to your Macbook!

We’ll clean it right.

Lots of technicians offer liquid damage cleaning: but how? Is your board being cleaned with a quality ultrasonic cleaner, or some jewelry grade rubbish? Not all cleaning is equal. We have searched far and wide for the best Macbook liquid spill repair ultrasonic treatment, and settled on the best: Crest! See below for details. Do you want your machine to look like the left image after a repair?

Crest CP500D vs. Branson CPX5800 ultrasonic cleaner: Crest WINS!

Check out how we fix it.

Many have learned from us via free YouTube contentguides, and personal instruction. Check out an example of how we repair devices below.

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