A1226 & A1260 screen compatibility

April 23, 2011

The A1226 & A1260 model 15" Macbook Pro uses many different LCDs, like many Macbooks of the same model. However, it is rare in that some of the LCDs used in this machine are not compatible.

Apple uses:





B154PW04 V.0

B154PW04 V.6

B154PW04 V.7




The last two, that begin with N154C6, are not compatible with the rest of the screens. Electronically, they are. Mechanically, the frames are different. If you put the wrong LCD into the wrong machine, on one side metal frame will stick out, and on the other side the LCD will be covered by the Macbook Pro frame.

Be wary of sites that do not tell you which LCD they are sending out. If they do not explicitly mention that it is the N154C6, or that it is not the N154C6, then you do not have any guarantee what you're getting will properly fit into your machine!

Most machines use one of the former models, not the N154C6 - so most suppliers get away with not mentioning the Chi Mei models and only sending the LG. New suppliers notice the N154C6 has equal specifications and is cheaper, and think they'll be slick by sending this out because most of the time Apple uses compatible LCDs in the same model machine.

All of the aforementioned models are now in a shortage. Rossmann stocked up on the LP154WP2(TL)(A3), so our Macbook Pro 15" LCD screen repair & replacement service is still capped at $290 total, and our supply company is selling the part for $214.99, new, Grade A+, in factory sealed packaging.

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