Adhesives separate the failures from the professionals.

April 26, 2014

Adhesives make the tech.

If you repair Apple products, adhesives are everything. Adhesives separate the people who have no clue from the people who do the job properly. Apple products are held together with various adhesives, and if you don't know what to use to put them back together, you'll never get far.

You can buy the amazing adhesive we use from us directly!

We sell the best adhesives here, and we use these adhesives we're selling for our own repairs. This adhesive fits into category #4, of the four categories of adhesives I list below.

Adhesives come in many different types.

There are four types of adhesives that I find most people using.

  1. Superglue.
  2. Tape that does not stick.
  3. Tape that sticks permanently.
  4. Tape that sticks permanently unless you utilize specialized tools to remove it again.

Let's talk about each of these individually.


Superglue should, in 95% of all cases, not be used. It is only there for dire situations when you need a strong hold on something that adhesive cannot bond. Superglue should be used sparingly, only if there is an exceptional outstanding reason for its application. Using superglue in lieu of proper adhesive is never a good idea. If you are using only superglue to hold something together, you are in for some misery. It doesn't bond well; it breaks. The bezel or glass will move away as the glue dries, causing a permanent bulge that is unfixable, and the glue will destroy any wiring inside when you try to remove it. Did we mention all the little dead-skin looking pieces from dried superglue that leak all around the device you are repairing that the customer will see and bring up as they file their chargeback against you?

Tape that does not stick, like 3M 465.

So many businesses have that one bad review from glass that peeled off their laptop, or an iPad that gets cracked again because the glass raised up. Double sided tape that does not stick well is very prevalent. For example, the 3M 465 series was commonly recommended five years ago but was riddled with problems where it did not stick.

This type of tape makes re-repair easy, because the old bezel, or glass, or LCD screen, comes off very easily. It is desirable that an adhesive allows for re-repair incase a customer breaks the device again(very common!), or if an error must be corrected(something isn't plugged in properly). However, it does need to bond the device together and stick, and if it doesn't, you're in for some chargebacks when the glass falls away from the 3M 465.

Tape that sticks permanently.

Tape that sticks permanently is what many new technicians, tired of customers coming back for warranty, dream of. They want the bezel to sit in place like it did fresh out of the box, and never come out! I hear you, I feel your pain, but this is still not ideal.

These adhesives are nearly impossible to remove. When you do remove, it comes off in layers. There will be a layer of junk stuck to the device, and a layer of junk stuck to the bezel/glass/screen. It doesn't come off flushly, it will have to be removed completely from both and then reapplied in order for anything to be done.

If a customer breaks their device after it has been fixed with this type of adhesive, re-repair will be a nightmare. If you forget to plug in a wifi antenna or see a speck of dust you want to remove, it will be a nightmare to open again - if even possible at all without breaking the screen - with this type of adhesive. This is not ideal. If it says something like use when removal is not necessary, don't buy it for repairing Apple products; unless you do a perfect job the first time and never intend to repair that device again.

Tape that sticks permanently unless you utilize specialized tools to remove it again.

This is ideal tape. This tape sticks permanently. The iPad screen never sticks out. The Macbook Air bezel stays in place. The Unibody glass does not pop off from the display assembly.

Yet, when you need to open it - if you heat it a small bit and stick your tool in there - it comes right off! Further, it will only stick to what it was applied to. None of that junk where it splits in the middle and breaks into a bunch of tiny pieces of garbage you need to pick off manually.

This adhesive allows for the easiest re-repairs, but also keeps people from coming back for warranty service as a result of the parts coming off.

Our adhesive makes life easy.

Our adhesive sticks properly on the FIRST application. Our adhesive allows you to remove the glass if you've made a mistake, left a dust particle inside, or put the bezel on over the rubber trim. Our adhesive is affordable, and above all - it comes from a name you should trust. 😉

Buy our adhesive, and make your life easier.

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