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Why technicians lie.

Lying is typically considered wrong. However, it is often considered necessary to avoid unwanted conflict & to pacify customers. Where does this come from? In short - customers are often willing to pay for a positive outcome. You fixed my car, thank you so much! Here's $350. No problem. You got my data back - […]

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820-2850 motherboard - the next Apple recall.

820-2850 motherboards are dropping dead at a faster rate everyday. The biggest problem facing this board is improper fan control. Regardless of how hot the CPU or GPU become, the fans run at a lethargic 1000 rpm or lower for up to ten minutes at a time, boiling the board. If you have a 2010 […]

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The $20 dilemma.

Professional labor costs money, to the detriment of the occasional client. A service we offer. We charge $130 for a 500 GB hard drive installed into a Macbook Pro, with an operating system installed. This price includes  500 GB drive Part installation Installation of a functional operating system Same day service This amounts to approximately […]

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Like us? Hate us? Leave a review.

Manhattan review pages: Yelp! page for our Manhattan workshop. Google+ page for our Manhattan workshop. Brooklyn review pages: Google+ page for our Brooklyn workshop. Yelp! page for our Brooklyn workshop. We believe in minimal paid advertising, and rely on word of mouth to keep prices down. If you had a good experience and want to […]

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How to solder a QFN on a populated Unibody Macbook motherboard by hand.
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Data recovery, corrupted OSX repair, if your Mac won't boot.

This article is for moderate to savvy users. It is not a precise, step by step guide. My goal is to point people who have some computer know how in the right direction. I will not be going into detail with each particular step. If you are somewhat computer savvy, but just need somewhere to […]

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You got accused of putting a broken X into someone's device.. what now?

This video series was a four part series. I'm so happy with part 4 that I'm posting it in its own blog entry.

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How the Better Business Bureau is becoming irrelevant thanks to modern social media.

Does anyone in 2013 use the BBB to gauge a business prior to utilizing their services? What about BBB accreditation? I want to work with a BBB accredited business. BBB accreditation requires the business pay the BBB. BBB accreditation does not imply that the BBB investigates to see if the business acts ethically, or is […]

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Outsourcing laptop & cellphone repair: the benefits & tradeoffs.

Outsourcing can be a useful tool, or a business’s downfall. The success of outsourcing depends on its implementation. I’d like to discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing. Outsourcing helps provide consistency in work quality. Outsourcing can help a franchising business by providing consistency in experience.  It is difficult to start a business […]

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