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For those of you curious, yes, Android repair still sucks.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Android phone repair sucks. I discussed how Android repair sucks here. The HTC Amaze is the successor to the HTC Sensation, which are nearly identical phones. One of the nearly identical features is how it won't work properly with the digitizer that doesn't say T-Mobile on […]

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Thanks Dad - for not getting me the knockoff screen on my birthday.

A few months ago, this guy comes in for a screen replacement. He left the first Yelp! Tip of our business in April of this year. I tell him the price, and get this look – this terrible look like “WOW, OMG, RIPOFF!!” when we were about $5 less than anyone else in the area […]

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For you? Of course not for you!!

About a week and a half ago a customer walks in with a broken laptop. Right after she gets the price of the service, she asks to come in and sit down next to me while I work. Starts talking in a breathy voice. I forget if the charge was $150 or $170. Let' say […]

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Why don't consumers trust us? We lie when we can get away with it... yeah, that's probably it.

A kind young woman walked in with a dead laptop. It won't turn on. In the end, it has a problem we're all too familiar with – nothing but a bad keyboard. She tells me Apple told her around $800 – mistake #1. She also makes mention that her parents are going to pay for […]

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Authorize.net is a pain in the ass.

Press 1 to repeat this automated, useless advice Press 2 to return to the main menu Press 3 to switch to a merchant services provider that answers the phone and helps you with your issues in a timely manner. Press 4 to deal with an account login ID page that says you have misspelled your […]

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Unibody Macbook Pro keyboard repair service.

Here we are replacing the keyboard on an A1278 Unibody Macbook Pro. This video has no pausing, speedups, or special effects. You can watch the process we use to repair the liquid damaged laptop in real time, and even follow along on your own computer. We clean the liquid damage off the board, clean the […]

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The right way to generate reviews for your local business.

Reviews are an important part of this business. Starting out especially. People may trust a store with a low review track record, but someone in his apartment with 2 good, and 2 bad reviews – his business is done for. So, what do we do to get good reviews? There are several methods people use. […]

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San Francisco loses to cellphone industry - who cares?

http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/08/us-usa-sanfrancisco-cellphones-idUSBRE9470I720130508?feedType=RSS&feedName=technologyNews&ca=moto Does this really matter? No. Scientific research has barely given any credence to the idea that cellphone radiation harms your health. There is a lot of debate around whether cellphone radiation harms  you, but no well recognized & accepted conclusion. Do you know where there is no debate? Cigarettes. A large majority of Americans […]

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Personal thoughts on usability of Apple products.

My friend was ranting after several hours of trouble, and this hit home. It reminded me of the time I tried to grab a song file off of an iPod to put it on the desktop of a computer 5 years ago. I thought it would be easy since Apple products are made to be […]

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