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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
A1181 Macbook no backlight logic board repair

Here we repair an A1181 Macbook with no backlight. It has a more difficult issue than usual – it’s not the motherboard, the inverter, or the inverter wire. It’s the motherboard. I will do my best to solder around a camera and tripod here so you can watch.   We offer logic board repair in […]

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Macbook Pro A1211 no backlight logic board fix

This computer had no backlight with the inverter, inverter cable, or screen replaced. I didn’t want to keep the customer hanging so I stole it off this dead board I have. The dead board in my junk collection is an unfixable piece of crap, but has a working backlight circuit when it turns on, for […]

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Invest in yourself. It worked for me.

If you want to become successful, put the work in. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.      

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We’ve never paid for sex, facebook likes, or reviews.

When checking businesses on Yelp!, look at the ratio of reviews to filtered reviews. If you see 50 reviews and 200 filtered, that’s sketchy. If you see 50 reviews and 10 filtered, it’s kosher. One of the few things I will brag about in our favor is the genuine nature of our reputation. Knock on […]

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Yelp culture.

On one hand, Yelp brings to light the truth where many websites hide it. I like using Yelp because I am tired of reading reviews from 20 different sites that are all five star when I know that it can’t all be true.   On the other hand, you get some downsides with Yelp. My […]

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I can’t fault a reader who says I sound very ethical.

Or her daughter. Some people you meet remind me why I love this business.

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Properly close the latch on your Macbook pro.

If your pre-Unibody Macbook Pro won’t click closed, fix it using a set of heatsink springs & some ingenuity.      

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A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – right in front of my store!

When having the sign made, I didn’t take into consideration that by June leaves would grow on this tree. Check it out. Invisible. 🙁 Can you find us? Make it in and I’ll give you a free screen protector, just for your skills. If you ask nicely… we may actually fix your computer. If you […]

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We stock parts. Well, most of the time.

I find it ironic that I am writing this post on a day that some douche who told a tech “fuck you” wanted to “speak to the manager” after a staff member said we were out of iPhone 4S batteries. The tech said that we would get them in tomorrow, which the douche customer replied […]

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