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Louis Rossmann’s rants, tips, and ideas on the laptop repair industry.
The benefit of an in house supply company – what stocking parts means for our customers.

Many repair shops make all their purchases off eBay. Not simply odds and ends, but everything. Sometimes, this works. Sometimes, an evil parts vendor sends you broken crap, which you must waste a week or two on returning, as your customer rips you a new one. The answer to retain customer satisfaction is simple; stock […]

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Can you just tighten this so it works??

Something every technician will encounter during their professional career – the customer radiating irritation and disdain that their services cost money.

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Who misses inverter boards?   Missing pads from liquid spills make QFNs miserable. Screw LP8543SQ , who misses inverter boards?! 🙁

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Reviews like this make me sad.

This is not of our business – it is of another, whose name I won’t mention. Anytime I put a critical eye on a Yelp! review, it is not a review of us. We would obviously be biased, since we work here, and like ourselves, to defend ourselves. However, we wouldn’t have any personal stake […]

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Now offering PC Laptop Screen Repair in New York with flat rate pricing!

We can replace your PC laptop screen in minutes, for industry shocking low prices. We’ve never turned these jobs down. We’ve also never advertised them, with flat rate pricing. Many shops in New York City charge from $200-$350 for jobs we perform from $100-$160. As the parts source, we are in a unique position to […]

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I’m cutting the line. It’s OK, I’m illegally parked.

It is no secret to natives that there are many New Yorkers who are self centered and rude – who see others not in terms of what they can do for them, but in terms of how others can make their own lives easier. A customer walks in and interrupts one of our regular customer […]

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Macbook Repair in Brooklyn – new store opens January 1st at 522 3rd Avenue.

For those unwilling to cross over into Manhattan to save money, we’re open in Brooklyn coming soon. The new store is fully LED lit for energy efficiency, and offers all the same values of our Manhattan location – no back room, honest technicians, no diagnosis fees, and low prices. We look forward to serving you! […]

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Racists, please go away!

A woman just left our store irritated at her free diagnosis that she needed her OS reinstalled with this comment – “Your nose is so big and disgusting – why don’t you go pray to your Muslim god” because the 24 hour diagnosis on a very f#&ked up VAIO took 34 hours instead of 24. […]

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iPhone Screen Repair – we don’t actually count the pieces when determining warranty status.

I have a way with words. I like to exaggerate to get points across. I tell people who inquire about warranty after their screen repair, the following, to paraphrase. “If the screen stops responding to your touch or has an electronic malfunction, we will replace it for free within one year. If it cracks into […]

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