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Can apple recover broken iphone data? 

Simply put, no. Apple do not care about your data . Don’t take our word for it, read what they say on their own forum

Apple doesn’t recover iphone data. 

They believe anyone claiming they can recover your data is likely scamming you. Unfortunately, a trip to the Apple store or Genius Bar will not get you any closer to getting your data back 99% of the time. 

Rather than fixing your phone, or replacing surface mount components to revive your device, Apple would rather sell you a new phone. This is understandable in some cases – liquid damaged phones are often finicky and more difficult to get to a fully usable state again than a laptop. However, that does not make data recovery impossible. 

Retreiving data depends on the problem:

Recovering your precious data is dependant on the problem. At Rossmann Repair we strive to give you the best possible options we can to have you back with your precious data in no time. Data recovery on these ranges from $300-$650 depending on how bad the problem is on your specific device, and you only pay if we can get the data! Feel free to come to our store, or send your device into us if outside Austin. You’re also welcome to call or email us if you have any questions. 

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