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For those of you curious, yes, Android repair still sucks.

June 16, 2013

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Android phone repair sucks. I discussed how Android repair sucks here.

The HTC Amaze is the successor to the HTC Sensation, which are nearly identical phones. One of the nearly identical features is how it won’t work properly with the digitizer that doesn’t say T-Mobile on it. 99.9% of the digitizers available for this phone for purchase by technicians, are the one do not say T-Mobile on them. This digitizer has a flaw where it has “breaks” in it where touch won’t work, if you are swiping across certain regions. Enter this below review.



It continues to suck, as you can see below.  I crossed names and dates out to protect the party in question, because this could have very well been us. As technicians, we do not feel like jumping through hoops dealing with these bullshit problems just so we can be called a “rip off” when we charge more than $65.  We charge more than $65 because we do not feel like going through the litany of misery of finding a proper supplier for a phone that we will never see again – we’d rather just bite the bullet, pay $50 for a known good part, do the job and get it out of here. We torture ourselves finding good suppliers for iPhone parts, and when we finally find one, which is a lot of pain, we’re set. It’s not worth doing this over and over again 900 times for 900 different phones we aren’t going to see again.

We’re not touching Android phones with a ten foot pole at the moment. Not enough money, too much heartache.

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