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June 7, 2013

About a week and a half ago a customer walks in with a broken laptop. Right after she gets the price of the service, she asks to come in and sit down next to me while I work. Starts talking in a breathy voice. I forget if the charge was $150 or $170. Let’ say $170 for argument’s sake. I see where this is going.

At the end, I’m done. She puts her left hand on my shoulder and her right elbow on my knee, looks up and says

"that's not going to be $170 for me, right?"

My reply?

 "Of course not, not for you!"

I wait for this to register a smile, before delivering

$It's 170 plus tax! You don't have a resale certificate!"

Much less happy. Legitimately mad, and semi embarrassed looking… I’ll probably get a 1-star-yelp out of it.

Yes, I am a young, nerdy looking guy. I’m a geek who knows the difference between LP8543SQ and LP1585SQ. No, I am not the dipshit portrayed in this video. Thanks!

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