Hey asshole, learn how to talk to women.

September 3, 2013

Nothing is more pathetic than a man who speaks differently to men then to women. Men who pump themselves up by beating down on who they perceive as weaker.

Someone calls and doesn't like the price of something and calls the receptionist a bitch. The male technciian calls him back very politely to discuss this with him, oh man how he backtracks. He sounds like a complete pansy. The difference in tone from him speaking to the light spoken female receptionist to the gruffer male technician has us cracking up.

You know where we are. Grow a pair of balls, get off the phone and walk the walk in person.

I have nothing short of disdain for people who bash the receptionist. I have no sympathy nor understanding for people who beat on lower level staff members in hopes they'll cave, fold, and do something cheaper/faster.

From the team @ Rossmann Repair Group Inc - go fuck yourself! 🙂

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