Dear Brooklyn,


I told you it’d be $60 to fix your iPhone 4S, and you looked at me and said – SIXTY DOLLARS?!

I told you it’d cost $40 to remove the virus & cleanup your computer, and you looked at me and said FORTY DOLLARS?!

I told you it’d cost $90 to fix your liquid damaged motherboard, and your face cringed as you said – guess it – NINETY DOLLARS?!

What do you propose is reasonable? Maybe I could pay you for the privilege of fixing your computer? Maybe kneel and suck while I’m at it? Fuck off!

Am I affordable? Yes. Am I free? No, GTFOH!

Adding insult to injury, according to the customer database, over 120 customers this year who came to our Manhattan store lived within five blocks of the Brooklyn store. This further drives home the idea that we don’t need more than 1 location. The loyal old timer clients(I thank heaven you exist) will tell people it’s worth the train trip to come here. That’s what you all did – and I appreciate that more than anything in the world.

The highlight of it is when someone actually does approve a repair on a high end computer only for it to wind up being stolen. That’s a fucking fail.

We opened this Brooklyn store because a larger portion of our customers said they commuted from Brooklyn, sunset park, bed stuy, bay ridge, etc just to come see us. That was cool, really cool, and I wanted to grow with these suggestions. I wanted to make it easier for you, our customer. It didn’t work, and it’s time to call it quits.

I’ve  lived in Brooklyn for five years.  I love it – for all the junk I say about New York, I love it. I will be living here for a LONG time to come! But work here? Fuck no. My home may be in Brooklyn, but my FR-801’s in Manhattan.

Peace! 🙂