One aspect of our business that I take some pride in is the lack of paid reviews. From start to finish, we’ve never paid for a review. Whatever you read about us online, good, bad, or very bad – it’s all unbiased from people we’ve REALLY helped [ or really pissed off ­čÖé ]

It is becoming more commonplace for businesses to inflate their prices by 5-20% and then offer that back to the customer if they leave a review before they leave. Some websites have taken steps to try and keep this from working. I made a suggestion that Yelp! try adding this feature. I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion given all the press the fake review circles have gotten lately, because this aspect is rarely discussed or investigated – when a business bribes a customer to leave a review.

Yelp’s review filter works great, but occasionally lets these through. I posed an idea to try and keep this from occurring and have been receiving some excellent, useful feedback from the site’s elite members. Check it out below.