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Personal thoughts on usability of Apple products.

May 6, 2013

My friend was ranting after several hours of trouble, and this hit home. It reminded me of the time I tried to grab a song file off of an iPod to put it on the desktop of a computer 5 years ago. I thought it would be easy since Apple products are made to be easy to use, but it took me 45 minutes, where grabbing that same file and putting it onto the desktop with my crap RCA Lyra took 5 seconds.

Jake:  To make a depressingly long story short

I bought this Mac new from the Apple Store maybe two months ago, you recall
I have some music videos I need to start editing, so last week I fired up iMovie
new-out-the-box I got an error message saying lacks QuickTime components
I couldn’t import .mov files, or ANY kind of files
Last Thurs I was on phone with support for 2 hrs, who had me reinstall the application twice, no good
I had some time today, so I tried again.  I ascended up four levels of customer support all of whom were baffled by this problem.  Finally the iMovie supervisor says I have to do an OS reinstall
They THINK all my software will still be there when I get back
I was having a great day today, now I legit have a bad migraine after two more hours of this fuck shit
I have no science to back this statement up with, it’s just a macro-statement of how I feel:
I think Apple makes things very easy for stupid people, & very hard for smart people
If you are computer savvy, updating, altering, repairing or modifying Windows-based programs is usually easy, unless it involves actual programming
On Apple, it will cause you to beat your children, no matter how savvy you are
Yet every two-bit fuckwit in this city happily skips along, synching their iCal to their iPhoto to their iDildo to their iMeth


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