This is not of our business – it is of another, whose name I won’t mention. Anytime I put a critical eye on a Yelp! review, it is not a review of us. We would obviously be biased, since we work here, and like ourselves, to defend ourselves. However, we wouldn’t have any personal stake in other businesses, allowing us to form a clearer opinion of the review, on the merits of the review. That said, let’s get to it. This review makes me sad because the poster makes good effort to portray the business poorly without making the effort to allow them to resolve the problem.

Sad review.

So the phone was dropped very badly – enough that the screen and the frame were destroyed. That’s pretty serious. Devices that are badly physically damaged often do not go back together perfectly. 99% of the time they do, but when doing dozens of these things a day, there’s a 1% chance it’ll still have a problem. It’s just a fact of life. That’s not even taking into account that this one was very badly damaged. There are over 60 screws inside this incredibly small device. It’s a miracle people can fix this thing in 10-20 minutes.

They fix it. It has reception issues. This is rarely caused by a sim card slot being broken. Further, many people at the Apple store will give a blanket diagnosis without actually even opening a device.

The line Will I ever see that $140 back? Probably not. You live and you learn.¬†makes me particularly sad, because the implication that this was a blatant ripoff is made, based on an assumption. It’s one thing to be mad that it doesn’t work, that’s fine. What makes this sad to me, is that this person puts extra effort in to paint the business as ripoff artists, when this effort would have been much more constructively & positively used asking them to fix the problem. Seriously; what would you have to lose? A lot less than what you’d lose buying a new phone. You didn’t have to buy a new iPhone. It’s very likely something miniscule was out of place, possibly due to the severe abuse that caused both the frame and the screen to break. It’s one thing if you contact them and they say “WE DIDN’T DO THAT!!!” It’s another to assume that is what is on the other end of that phone call, without trying.

I know what you may be thinking. Who has the time? Contacting them to have them fix the problem costs time, which New Yorkers do not have. Then again. so does signing up for Yelp! and weaving six paragraphs of slander, and regardless of how expensive your time is – iPhones aint cheap!

Just my opinion.