Unibody display assemblies are expensive; especially for split back unibodies.

Before I delve into this blog entry, let’s first define what I mean when I say “split back” Unibody. A split back Unibody is a Unibody Macbook Pro from 2008, when the battery was user removable. Every Macbook  where the back cover is user removable is a split back Unibody. These are not unibodies, they’re dualbodies. You kinda got lied to.

The display assembly is comprised of two sheets of metal adhesed together. When the adhesive fails(it fails more often on the larger, heavier 15″), they separate, and do something similar to the image you see below to the glass.

A1286 Unibody Macbook Pro LCD Screen Display Assembly Repair Replacement


Most of the time, you’re stuck buying a used, poor condition assembly for $700-$800 for a split back Unibody. It’s not compatible with the more affordable 2010 and late 2009 models. It’s discontinued which has raised the price of these pieces considerably.

We’re a company that can create new parts for you utilizing the machinery uses when manufacturing your Macbook. We can assemble them from scratch in a dust free environment with expert precision, only replacing the exact parts that are broken instead of replacing the entire assembly. We can fix your problem – parts, labor and all, for less money than the part cost used. The parts we use will be new. You can watch what our engineer does as he works.


15″ Unibody Macbook Pro Display Assembly 2011

15″ Unibody Macbook Pro Display Assembly 2010