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April 22, 2011

I'd really like for this blog to be more than a keyword orgy to improve SEO or "AND AN APPLE CERTIFIED TECH WILL REPAIR YOUR DEVICE!!!111" mess. I don't care much about Apple certification, and I'm not trying to hook you in on some "WE LOVE APPLE DEVICES SO MUCH AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOU DO TOO AND CAN'T BE WITHOUT THEM" sales pitch to gain your business.
Would it matter if the person repairing your device had a love affair with Apple products? I imagine not as much as whether they knew how to fix your problem in the best fashion, and did so without overcharging.
This company was started with three ideas, on how to provide the best service.

  • Using unused parts in people's machines. Parts come direct from LG.
  • Repairs that you don't have to wait & come back for due to parts unavailability/a line of people ahead of you.
  • Fair prices thanks to buying 400-1000 LCDs of a particular model at a time.

Recently, I started a supply company that buys direct from manufacturers. LCDs put in machines come in sealed original manufacturer's packaging. See http://www.rossmannsupply.com for more details. If you buy into the "Apple certified parts are better" ruse,  come help me with order fulfillment  and find out how many AASPs have been buying LCDs from this little company. If it's new, Grade A+ from LG Philips, and the same model that Apple uses - does "authorized" matter? Apparently not, to most service centers.
Every day, I'll try to post something related to this industry that might be interesting to repair customers, DIY repair people, or just something of general interest to me opposed to a bunch of self-loving promotion. You might notice similar companies have had blogs for a long time, where they talk about their kids, maybe a barbeque they had recently. Sometimes it'll go on about services they've offered for 5 years as if they'renew, and you may be wondering, why in God's name should I care about this shit? I just want my screen replaced.
You shouldn't - the whole point of this is to help keep at the top of Google results. Google sees sites with blogs as having content that isn't stagnant. Even if the content on the site is constantly changing, the blog is apparently quite important. For a long time, I have opposed the idea of having a blog, but have been convinced(read: outnumbered)  by people who depend on this company's profitability that this is the right thing to do, so I'm going for it. However, I'd like to be upfront in giving the reason why it's being done: I'd be ashamed to assume you actually care to read about my life, views on sports, or see what I'm cooking today. Google's idea that sites with "fresh content" are good has done to the internet what home recording has done to the music industry. Oversaturation with crap. Hopefully this will wind up being better.

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