What success is - what success isn't.

January 4, 2014

I feel like buying 500 screens from techrepairparts.com , copying their warranty stamp, and putting their stamp onto every lcd in my defects pile and sending it back to them after a nice chargeback.

100% full on plagiarizing  is bullshit.

This happened to us a few years ago... and you see what happens. Compare this company that stole our entire ad to ours now.. we probably make in a weekend what they make in a year. https://www.rossmanngroup.com/blog/yufixit-com-stole-our-material/

You don't make money off the site, you don't make money off the graphics, you don't make money off the brand - you make money off the IMPLEMENTATION.

I can give a competitor my parts vendor list. I can give another technician the knowledge of how to perform a repair I know how to do that they don't. This doesn't ensure, or even suggest, that there will be a successful outcome. I've done it before, and watched the results. Every second spent plagiarizing is a second that could have been spent building real success - that you wasted looking like an idiot.

What success is.

Success is a desire to be the best, combined with the dedication required to live that out.

Success is understanding that you MAKE time, not FIND time - in order to implement every improvement you would like to implement in your business.

Success is finding a solution instead of being immediate-action oriented. Example: problem presents, action taken to fix it, you see a bad consequence, "ok, that's all we can do." unsuccessful. Success is more like "problem, action, bad outcome, action, bad outcome, research, action, better outcome, more research, good outcome, we win."

Success is finding voids in the marketplace and filling them from the perspective of the people approaching that marketplace from the opposite direction.

Success is turning misery into opportunity.

Success is learning each and every day, growing, becoming better, managing the growth of others who will contribute to the enterprise you're growing.

What success is not.

Success it not your vendors list. Success is not your domain name. Success is not the employees you stole with promises of more vacation time. Success is not copying & fucking pasting the source code from Google chrome of your competitor's webpage.

I wish on techrepairparts.com, the samefate of yufixit.com - a mediocre company, hidden in obscurity, forced to create new yelp pages to hide the shit reviews they got from shit service performed off the ads they copied and pasted from our eBay page. 🙂

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