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A $4600 Website by the Demski Group & Andrew Demski.

Hiring Andrew Demski This story begins on early August when we signed a contract to design a new site. The price would be $4600, with a down payment of $2300. Around August 10th, my site was transferred over to their server for development. The first red flag can be...

Why the Lenovo Retro Thinkpad 25 is a piece of junk.

Why we loved the Thinkpad. The Thinkpad was a special machine, as I've explained three years ago when discussing my disappointment with modern Thinkpads. Thinkpad interfaces allowed me to avoid moving my hand away from the keyboard to move the cursor. The anti-glare...


Hinge filler

There are no shortcuts around component level repair.

I see many people pointing to dry boxes, thirsty bags, and other hip new "tools" that supposedly fix liquid damaged devices. The reality of the matter is that a burned out component is a burned out component no matter what you put the device in afterwards! Look at the...

Our store’s location

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Macbook Pro Retina water spill no video repair

This Macbook Pro retina logic board has no output on the internal screen. However, using a displayport to VGA adapter, I was able to get a picture to show upon an external monitor, and I was able to run ASD. ASD gave me an error, displayport symbol error. I...

Macbook logic board repair, short detection

Here I go over how we troubleshoot a short to ground on PPBUS_G3H, a main power line on the Macbook Air logic board. Here we have an issue where the CPU vcore circuitry. Many people use the word "short circuit" to describe any type of non-functioning circuit, whether...