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Recovering data from a dead Samsung phone:

Most of the time when a Samsung phone is dead, it is typically a dead battery or a faulty chargeport – it is very common for the chargeport to get filled with dust! If either of those don’t fix the problem, then we will have to dig deeper to find the problem. Sometimes the phone’s motherboard is at fault. The PMIC, power management integrated circuit could have failed. Perhaps a capacitor has short circuited, or a more complex board related issue is to blame.

Whatever the issue, our company has years of experience performing component level board repairs on Macbooks, iPhones, Samsung phones & more. If board level work is required to bring the phone back to life so we can retrieve data from it, 

If the device has come into contact with water, then the repair comes a bit more complex. The board may have a short, and that will need fixing before any parts. Once the short has been removed, we can then proceed to testing your parts to find out what will need to be replaced and then your phone will be up and running! 

Don’t feel safe recovering your dead phone yourself?

Look no further than Rossmann Repair for repairing your dead Samsung Phone. We have been a repair store for years, who have the experience and knowledge to repair your device. Our reviews should speak for themselves. Data recovery ranges from $300-$650, and if we can’t get your data(for any reason other than you have provided an incorrect passcode), you don’t pay for the recovery. Feel free to call or email with any questions, or simply walk into our store. We also offer mail-in service for those outside NYC. 

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

  • We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We can repair motherboard component level issues.

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